Last week, several team Tula members attended the first annual WEAR Conference, a conference dedicated to safe, comfortable and accessible babywearing education. We were delighted to be there to attend educational sessions, exhibit our products, and connect with our peers and fellow enthusiasts in the babywearing community.

Conferences and events related to babywearing are a wonderful way to celebrate gathering communities and share special items to commemorate the unique opportunity to interact with our loving community in person. To celebrate, Tula created a limited edition carrier ‘Wearfore Art Thou’ and also previewed our limited edition woven wrap ‘Tula Love’ Blanc; a ‘natty’ tencel blend woven wrap.

WEAR was a great opportunity for us to connect not only with exhibitors and organizations, but also so many educators and babywearing enthusiasts who shared their knowledge and personal stories with us. One special attendee that we were delighted to meet was the founder of ErgoBaby, Karin Frost. She spoke about her beginnings and how she now enjoys seeing her confident fifteen-year-old son – the first “ergobaby” – navigate the world with a calm, compassionate manner.

As sponsors of the event, we also had the opportunity to sponsor speakers and experts to present during the conference sessions:

  • Benefits of Babywearing for Non-Gestational Parents, presented by MaryEllen Olson; and
  • Using Babywearing to Support Breastfeeding Goals, presented by Jay McMillin

We believe that these types of informational sessions help us share as a community how babywearing truly goes beyond function. To see the other topics and speakers from the weekend, please visit www.wearconference.com.


The WEAR conference also included a special awards ceremony that highlighted contributions made by individuals and organizations that were positively impacting the babywearing community. One particular award that stood out was the lifetime achievement award that went to the late Erika Hoffman, founder of Didymos, an early influencer and business woman that played a major role in introducing babywearing to the Western world.

Baby Tula was also pleasantly surprised to be awarded the Community Appreciation award for manufacturers in the babywearing industry! Ula and the team were so happy to receive this award because, as a community-voted award, it meant so much to feel the appreciation! We’re so thankful for each and every family that wears a Tula and allows us to be apart of their parenting journey.


We look forward to our next event, the International Babywearing Conference and to next year’s WEAR conference!

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