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Introducing Tula Coast

Tula Coast Mesh Baby Carriers

Baby Tula is delighted to announce our new line up of breathable mesh baby carriers designed to bring a cool ocean breeze to your everyday: Tula Coast. This new line offers a reinterpretation of our original framed panel design which creates a ventilated carrier perfectly suited for active lifestyles and warm weather locales.

Tula Coast was partially inspired by our headquarters in Southern California, where we enjoy many sun-filled warm days perfect for active lifestyles with our loved ones. We often find ourselves playing by the ocean, hiking with our families, and soaking in our beautiful coastal city. We also know that the Baby Tula community includes a wide range of families, all over the world, who enjoy an amazing array of climates and activities, who could benefit from a carrier option that provides additional airflow and breathability.

The high quality mesh material used for Tula Coast carrier allows for the optimal flow of air to help you and your baby feel cooler during your warmer seasons and active adventures. The main panel and detachable hood of the Tula Coast carrier are made with breathable mesh in colors that coordinate with our canvas, including a variety of stylish prints, along with an all gray option.


We are delighted to have the Baby Tula Coast carrier available for so many families who have been waiting for a breathable mesh option, and hope you’ll join us in welcoming Coast to our Baby Tula carrier collection! Check out our ‘best baby carrier option for you’ comparison chart on our website. Not sure if you want a Coast or canvas Tula Baby Carrier? Our friend, Rachel Parker, shares her advice on what works for her family.

Read our blog post ‘Babywearing in the Heat‘ for more information on babywearing in the summer or hot days!


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