Baby Tula — Happy Babywearing Week 2013
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We have planned a lot of fun activities and giveaways for you this year! Let's enjoy and spread the babywearing and Tula Love! The following events will be posted on our Tula Facebok Page during the week of October 7th - 13th:

1- Monday, Oct 7th - "Share the Video"

We are going to post a "Share the Video" Giveaway

We are going to ask everyone to share the video we post for a chance to WIN a FREE Tula Wrap Conversion! 

Please be sure your post is "public" so that we can see it and include it in the draw. 

2- Tuesday, Oct 8th - Babywearing Library Giveaway

A rafflecopter managed Giveaway!! - We are giving away 3 standard and 3 toddler Tulas to babywearing libraries! Be sure to ask your fellow library members to enter the giveaway. At the end we will draw 6 names. The more members from your library participate, the higher chances your library has to win a Tula! 

3- Wednesday, Oct 9th - Off schedule Wrap Conversion Listing! One of the biggest yet! 

Tula Wrap Conversions will list on Wednesday at 6 pm PDT (9 pm EST). 


4- Thursday, Oct 10th- European Wrap Conversion listing 

This event is to share the Babywearing Week celebrations with our friends in Europe. We will list the Wrap Conversions on at 6 pm Warsaw Time 


- For everyone else - Canvas Surprise!! Not saying another word, you will just have to wait till Thursday to hear more ;) 


5- Friday, Oct 11th - Random Draw for a chance to purchase a Tula Wrap Conversion!

We will draw 5 names via Rafflecopter Event. 


6- Saturday, Oct 12th - Local San Diego Tula Playdate

We are hosting a Tula Babywearing Playdate in San Diego! We want to meet local babywearers :)

A Live Band will be playing; one of the local mamas will win a carrier; and a photographer will be taking beautiful pictures of all the fun, so that we can later share it with our non local fans! :)


7- Sunday, Oct 13th - Wrap Conversion Listings -

Our regular (bi-monthly) wrap conversion release at 3 pm PDT ! :)


- Every Day - Tula Accessories Giveaways 

Every day of the week we will post a random giveaway for a fun Tula accessory! Expect "Tula Droola" (sucking pads), KangarooCare breastfeeding necklace, Milovia Diapers, Free to Grow extenders, and more!!!!!!! 


Have a Happy Babywearing Week from Tula !!!