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Reward Program

Welcome to the club! The Tula Collector's Club is a rewards program that includes additional discounts and perks as you buy more Tula goodies! Start earning points when you join now!
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2 points for every $1 spent
8 points for every $1 spent
Spent $1,000+ since program launch
4 points for every $1 spent
Spent $300+ since program launch
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Invite a friend

You’ve discovered the ultimate parenting tool! Invite your friends to check out Baby Tula and be rewarded for sharing!
500 Points
When friend makes first purchase.

Ways to Spend

Redeem your collected points and reward yourself with Tula treats!!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Do I Spend Points? You can spend your points by logging into your customer account and then clicking on the launcher. Under the 'Rewards' section, you can click 'Redeem' next to the reward that you want to claim!
  • How much does it cost to join? Our rewards program is totally free! We do it to say 'thank you' to our awesome customers!
  • Is there a limit to how many order points I can get? There is no limit! Collect as many points as you please.
  • How do I know if I am a member of the Tula Collector’s Club? Click on the orange box at the bottom of your webpage and try to login! If that doesn’t work, feel free to create an account.
  • Can I join the program if I live outside of the U.S.? Yes! Anyone is welcome to join, but points will only be awarded on purchases from
  • How do I know how many points I’ve earned so far? Login to your account to check your balance!
  • Can I share my points with my friends and family? Points can not be shared or transferred to other accounts, but refer your friends and they’ll get a discount and you get points!
  • I didn't mean to redeem my points, can I get them back? Unfortunately we cannot undo the usage of points.
  • Can you adjust my points for past purchases? Points are accrued since the start of the Tula Collector’s Club program and cannot be retroactively applied.
  • Can I use my rewards in addition to a promotion or other discount code, like a military discount? No, your rewards discount code cannot be combined with any other special promotion or discount code.
  • I have two Tula accounts but I only want one. Can I combine them? No problem! Email us at [email protected] with both email addresses of the two accounts and let us know which account you prefer to be your main account and we’ll help coordinate.
  • Can I receive Collector’s Club points on Tula products I purchase from another website? Tula Collector’s Club points can only be accrued on purchases made directly from
  • Why don’t my old Tula purchases show up on my Collector’s Club account? Tula Collector’s Club launched on February 22nd, 2018, and purchases made prior to that date will not count toward your points.
  • How many times can I write product reviews for points? While we love hearing what you have to say about the product(s) you're enjoying, we limit eligible point-earning reviews to 10 per week.