Baby Tula — Golden Ticket
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Who wouldn't love a chance at GOLD? We created our Tula Golden Tickets as a special pass to access a one-of-a-kind Tula products, advance releases, discounted bundles and other rare or limited Tula items going live on November 25th at 7am PST. 

Thanks for the fun! SOLD OUT!

Here's how it works:

- Golden Tickets were received inside orders placed through, a random drawing, and our Tula #mannequinchallenge contest. All of our limited Golden Tickets included a unique access code on the back of the ticket.

- A SHOP NOW button will appear on this page to lead you to the Golden Ticket release.

- On November 25th, at 7am PST, items will appear live under a hidden collection. The collection is locked and can only be seen with your Golden Ticket unique access code.

- Golden Ticket holders will need to enter their access code to enter the hidden collection. PLEASE NOTE: There is a limit to the number of times you can enter your code. The collection will be locked again once you use the code once. 

- Golden Ticket holders may only cart 2 items (regardless if they are free or not). By sharing your code, you risk not being able to purchase anything. 

- To cart your second item, you will need to hit the return bar (back button) to return to the Golden Ticket collection. If you refresh, you risk being locked out of the collection.

- Golden Ticket holders will need to enter their access code again in the discount code area at CHECK OUT.

- If you try to check out with more than two items with your Golden Ticket access code, your entire order will be invalid or cancelled.

- If your order does not include your Golden Ticket access code at check out, you risk having your order cancelled.

- Your Golden Ticket code can only be used ONCE. You will not be able to place two separate orders.

- We will not be providing previews of all of the items in the Golden Ticket release, but all items will become visible on November 25th at 7am PST. 
- Your Golden Ticket does not guarantee you purchasing rights to any item in our special release. Items will be available as inventory allows. 

- Tula Golden Tickets do not have a monetary value.

- All sales on November 25, 2016 in the Golden Ticket collection will be final sale.

- All Tula Golden Ticket orders will receive free shipping.