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Ananas Athena - Woven Wrap


'Ananas Athena' Tula woven celebrates a bold and free style! 'Ananas' Athena has a hip pineapple design that is set against a technicolor gradient making a playfully bright woven. With just a short time or wearing, this all cotton Tula woven will become soft, moldable, and easily adjustable. 'Ananas' Athena will have a fluid drape and soft support ideal for wrappers of all skill levels and comfortably support newborns up to growing toddlers.

Woven Wrap Features:

  • High-quality, soft and supportive wrap, woven from 100% cotton
  • Supportive and comfortable for newborns and toddlers
  • Provides versatile carrier positions - back carry, front carry, hip carry
  • Lightweight, medium weight wrap (295 GSM)
  • Specifically designed and woven for Baby Tula in Poland

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New to woven wraps? Watch our instructional video here.

    Woven Wrap Sizing:

    Baby Tula Woven Wraps are available in a variety of sizes (see chart below), sizing is based on the length of the fabric. Any size can be worn by most body types, but the length of the wrap will affect the types of carries you can accomplish with your wrap. If you are new to woven wraps, it is typically best to start with a longer wrap or what is often called your "base size". Your base size wrap is the full length wrap that you can use for most carries, including the most basic Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC), as shown in our instructional video. The most common base size is a size 6. If you are petite, you may like to size down to a size 5 and if you are busty or have a larger frame, then you may be a base size 7. The trick to using any wrap size is practice! Soon, you will find that most carries share the same steps.

    size 2 -  2.7 meters
    size 3 -  3.2 meters 
    size 4 -  3.7 meters
    size 5 -  4.2 meters 
    size 6 -  4.6 meters 
    size 7 -  5.2 meters

    We recommend washing your Baby Tula Woven Wrap before use.

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