Baby Tula — Tula Mini Toy Carrier - Carousel Doll Carrier
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Carousel - Tula Mini Toy Carrier


Whirling and twirling, with memories of childhood rides, Carousel is a whimsical doll carrier that has a flurry of carousel horses on a bright pink canvas. Carousel connects to a love for exciting melodies and the rhythmic dance of a carousel ride. This Tula Mini Toy Carrier pairs perfectly with our 'Carousel' carriers!

Tula Mini Toy & Doll Carriers:

Play pretend and be the cutest babywearer just like mommy and daddy! Our children love being just like their biggest heroes and now they can carry their lovey or baby doll in a Tula Mini Toy Carrier that looks just like your Tula baby carrier! Share memories from your early bonding time or have your big kid be a part of the babywearing fun that you share with a new sibling with the gift of a Tula Mini Toy and Doll Carrier.

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