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Tula Baby Blankets are 47" x 47"

Cuddle Me Blankets are 59" x 79"

Confetti Dot - Tula Cuddle Me Blanket
Confetti Dot - Tula Cuddle Me Blanket
Confetti Dot - Tula Cuddle Me Blanket
Confetti Dot - Tula Cuddle Me Blanket
Confetti Dot - Tula Cuddle Me Blanket
Confetti Dot - Tula Cuddle Me Blanket

Confetti Dot - Tula Cuddle Me Blanket

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Few things make us happier than a rainbow spectrum of color so we think we found our kindred spirits with our friends a tJune & January! We just knew our brands HAD to work together and make something that expresses the fun we like to have! Say hello to Confetti Dot! Designed in collaboration withJune & January, you’ll be able to enjoy it as your Tula Free-to-Grow, Todder Carrier, Baby Blanket, and Cuddle Me Blankets to coordinate perfectly with your June & January apparel! Learn more about this festive new design on our blog:

8 Reasons You’ll Love Our Tula Cuddle Me Blankets

1. Luxurious Softness

Made of 100% Viscose, which is produced from specially processed bamboo pulp that gives our blankets a plump, fluid softness that maintains a light feel while being ultra-soft.

2. Lightweight and Breathable

Our viscose from bamboo fabric is specially woven to create a luxuriously soft fabric that is breathable and maintains its thickness and durability, which allows for airflow to baby’s skin, making it easier to regulate temperature and stay comfortable.

3. Right Size for Everyone in the Family

An extra-large Tula Baby Blanket measuring at 59” x 79”, perfect for the whole family as a throw blanket or for an extra large snuggle.

4. Multiple Uses

Babies love our blankets as a soft place for tummy time or diaper changes, to snuggle with in their carrier or stroller, for shade or additional privacy when breastfeeding, and to snuggle in while they snooze. Bigger brothers and sisters love their Tulas for cuddles, capes, forts, nap time, and more.

5. Adorable Designs

Different print designs, from whimsical to minimalist, and kittens to spaceships, can complement your Tula Carrier, your nursery décor, or your own personal favorite themes and styles.

6. Great Baby Gift

Available as coordinating three blanket sets, and a lovable new parent essential complete with sleepy dust, our blankets are the perfect gift to welcome baby.

7. Perfect for traveling with baby

Nothing complements the perfect traveling carrier like a compact and easy-to-bring blanket, bringing a sense of home to new adventures at airports, during long car rides, and explorations of parks, zoos, and more!

8. Instant favorite

The distinct feel and style of Baby Tula Baby Blankets make them a go-to for every family member.
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