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Lubniki Sunflower - Woven Wrap


Keep doing what you love while wearing Lubniki Sunflower, a beautiful Tencel® blend woven wrap.

Shine bright in a cheerful, new colorway of our Tula woven, 'Lubniki'! 'Lubniki' Sunflower's design was an evolution of memories from Poland, new and old, shared with our creative team while Ula visited and remembered her native country. It is named after the little village in which Ula's parents lived. 'Lubniki' Sunflower has flowers, petals and birds reinterpreted into a geometric block pattern that retains a sweet, nostalgic feel while appearing chic and modern. In a bright golden shade of yellow, 'Lubniki' Sunflower is woven in our signature Tencel® blend of 45/55 tencel/cotton. 'Lubniki' Sunflower is a medium weight wrap (255 GSM) that becomes fluid and soft with minimal wash and wear. 'Lubniki' Sunflower woven wraps will easily glide as you tighten and provide a uniquely breathable support for babies, small and large. Available in various sizes of woven wraps and ring slings, 'Lubniki' can be worn by variety of body types and comfortable support your baby. Feel at home with 'Lubniki' Sunflower!

Tula Wovens are wraps specifically designed and woven for Baby Tula. Known for their versatility and support, a woven wrap is a piece of soft fabric that can be used to safely wear your child in a variety of front carry, back carry, and hip positions. We recommend washing your Baby Tula Woven Wrap before use.

New to woven wraps? Watch our instructional video here.

Woven Wrap Features:

  • Soft and supportive blend of 45% Tencel® / 55% Cotton
  • Ideal for babies of all ages, from newborns to toddlers
  • Medium weight wrap (255 GSM) 
  • Woven in the USA
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    Woven Wrap Sizing:

    Baby Tula Woven Wraps are available in a variety of sizes (see chart below), sizing is based on the length of the fabric. Any size can be worn by most body types, but the length of the wrap will affect the types of carries you can accomplish with your wrap. If you are new to woven wraps, it is typically best to start with a longer wrap or what is often called your "base size". Your base size wrap is the full length wrap that you can use for most carries, including the most basic Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC), as shown in our instructional video. The most common base size is a size 6. If you are petite, you may like to size down to a size 5 and if you are busty or have a larger frame, then you may be a base size 7. The trick to using any wrap size is practice! Soon, you will find that most carries share the same steps.

    size 2 -  2.7 meters
    size 3 -  3.2 meters 
    size 4 -  3.7 meters
    size 5 -  4.2 meters 
    size 6 -  4.6 meters 
    size 7 -  5.2 meters

    About Tencel®:

    Baby Tula is committed to protecting our environment and to the awareness of our social and ecological impact. We continually seek to offer an outstanding product that keeps our future decision-makers close to our hearts, while protecting the home that they will one day inherit. We are thrilled to offer a line of woven wraps made with Tencel® lyocell, a brand of fiber made from the naturally-grown wood pulp of eucalyptus trees. Tencel® is an incredibly strong, yet elegantly soft fiber which naturally possesses amazing breathability and moisture control, while offering the additional benefits of eucalyptus: water savings, renewable growth, and environmental stewardship. It’s a matter of balance… and Baby Tula (with Tencel®) has got it down!

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