10 Things New Moms Were Not Prepared For

As moms, there is a lot we try to prepare before we welcome baby. But, what are the things you didn't expect? We asked our community just that and we share some of the common things we heard. Read on and see if there are any surprises on the list for you. 

1. "The absolute end of being alone inside my head. I'm always thinking of my kids; there is no turning it off!" - @ashlou7

2. "With our first one, it was the sheer exhaustion due to so much sleep deprivation. Every notion of feeling tired I had before was nothing compared to this. Nothing..." - Sandi N.

3. "How hard breastfeeding is. While it may be natural it doesn’t come naturally and both mom and baby have to learn..." - Karen P. 

4. "The amount of items it takes to get out of the house just for an hour or two!" - Shauna J.

5. "How completely inadequate I would feel. I thought mothering would come naturally and instinctively. It. Did. Not. I thought I'd love being a mother instantly. I. Did. Not." - Caroline J. 

6. "People not understanding you have the right to mourn what you envisioned your pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding journey was going to be..." - Jasmine E.

7. "Visitors!!!! Too many people in my space watching my every move making me feel like a zoo exhibit!" @lauren_e_mitchell

8. "How much it would alter the relationship with my partner" -@mearakai

9. "Recovery!!!!! I was so prepared for birth I didn't even think how long it would take to heal!!" - @mind.body.spirit.mama

10. "One tiny extra person multiplied the household chores somehow! There's always laundry to do, bottles/pump parts to wash, a zillion chores. Doing anything (leaving the house, going to bed) becomes a 47 step process." - @jessicamessica 

Did this match your experience? If not, share with us what you were not prepared for when you first welcomed baby, in the comments below.



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