We celebrate what makes you, #distinctlyyou.

Behind our unique prints, fabrics, and designs, is a purpose. We recognize that no parent is the same. Your passions, your personality, your preferences...these all play into who you are today. And your baby carrier should reflect that. Babywearing has a long and rich cultural history that we’re honored to be a part of.  

As a company, we’re committed to supporting all parents, everywhere. Here’s what that looks like. 

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 

    Baby Tula is committed to breaking stereotypes and challenging norms. We are always seeking to represent REAL families, those who reflect the wonderful diversity of our community. We want our products to celebrate the multicultural world we live in today and create meaningful dialogue in our communities. Our goal is to help raise a generation of better humans that are resilient, empathetic, anti-racist, inclusive, and welcoming. 

  • Inclusive Sizing 

    One of the most rewarding things we’ve come across in our journey as a company is showing parents who think they can’t babywear, that they actually can. Babywearing is for EVERYONE! Unfortunately, some of the carriers in the current market are not designed in a way that supports all bodies. We wanted to change that. Every Baby Tula carrier can be worn on a wide variety of bodies and waist belt extenders are available as well.

  • Fair Wage, Artisan Made 

    Through our Signature Collection, we work with Guatemalan weavers to create handwoven carriers in micro-batches. This material is considered deadstock, is only available in very small amounts, and would otherwise not be used. We pair these textiles with Girasol-designed material to create one-of-a-kind Signature carriers. Our Artisan carriers have provided support to the organization, Natun Guatemala, that cares for the Mayan communities where the weavers we partner with live. These carriers create sustainable fair-trade jobs to promote traditional craftsmanship and slow fashion and the artisans are given the freedom to create using their traditional designs and methods and of course, given full credit for their talent and skill. Additionally, we pay fair wages to our weavers who work out of a generationally family-owned fabric mill in Poland. 

  • Sustainability 

    We are always looking for ways to care for Mother Earth in all we do. Whether it’s creating small batch carriers through the Signature Collection or using Earth friendly materials like Hemp, we are committed to keep looking for ways to make our products more sustainable. Did you know that more than 25% of returns are thrown away by traditional retailers? That is why we have partnered with Rebelstork and the ReLuvable™ Collective. Their goal is to re-imagine recommerce and safely divert high quality returned baby gear from landfill into homes across North America. Baby Tula is a proud Reluvable™ Collective member, making our products more accessible to growing families. Check out Baby Tula on Rebelstork today!

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