15 Ways to Say "No Visitors" After Baby

15 Ways to Say No Visitors After Baby

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There are so many exciting things that come with the arrival of a new baby.

Preparing the nursery, packing the hospital bag, practicing baby carrying with your new carrier -  it seems like every spare moment has been dedicated to getting ready for the little bundle of joy.

And once your little one makes their grand entrance, you're likely going to have family and friends ready to come and meet your newest family member.

No Visitors At Home After Baby

While you may not feel it now, it’s very possible that you may not be feeling up to having visitors over right away.

Between trying to help your body heal and getting adjusted to life at home with a newborn baby, you will probably want some time to transition before having everyone over for a visit. But how do you determine the best way to say “no visitors at home after baby”? The social ramifications of setting this boundary can certainly be a challenge.

We understand that it can be difficult saying no to visitors after birth. With a few expecting parents on the Tula team which reminded us that there are so many questions that come with welcoming a baby. We thought we would help answer some of these questions by asking our community to share their personal experiences and ideas.

How Can I Communicate My Wishes?

Our question:
Is there a polite way to say "no visitors" right after a baby is born?


Here's what some of you said:

  1. wrap that baby up in your favorite (Tula of course!) carrier or wrap." - Kate T.https://babytula.com/collections/free-to-grow-baby-carriers
  2. I made a Facebook post. Telling everyone we appreciated their thoughts and prayers, but we wanted to spend quality time as a family of 3 before my husband returned to work. And if anyone wanted to stop by, to please text or call to ensure we're awake and accepting visitors." - Alishia S.
  3. We waited a day with each of our kids. Best decision we ever made. We got sweet, precious, bonding time as a family that we can never recreate. No visitors to make happy or be shy around when nursing for those first times. It's your family and your time. You can't get it back. Make the memories you wish for!" - Leah H.
  4. We had an open house for a few hours some day after baby is born. Light snacks and drinks. No one who is sick is allowed over. Then we hole up for a few months." - Laura K.
  5. "We know how keen you are to meet our newest member, but please allow us time to get to know each other. If you wish to visit, please contact myself or my partner on xxxx and we will let you know if we are up for visitors. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation." - Lu W.https://babytula.com/collections/blankets
  6. Announcements at our baby showers and on social media that we were super excited and would be sure to let everyone know once we were ready to accept visitors. We also didn't announce her birth to anyone outside immediate family until we got home from the hospital." - Lauren K.
  7. Explain that you'd like time to rest and for your family to spend time getting to know the newest member." - Lisa L.
  8. "I assign a family member to stand guard. (Hubby or mom) to be blunt and let people know if/when they can visit." - Olivia S.
  9. "Hubby screened all the visitors for us. We weren’t going to have hospital visitors but bubs was there for nearly two weeks so we said yes to immediate family and had visitors one person or couple per day. Then when home spaced visitors out over a couple months." - @brookekeckhardt
  10. "I said yes to immediate family only, but even with them I made sure they washed and sanitized their hand up to their elbows. I think the nicest way to say that you don't want visitors is to just say, At the moment you want bonding time to get to know your baby and your little family and ask that they respect your wishes and you'll let them know when you're ready for visits." - @kayladlove
  11. I didn't tell people we had the baby until we were ready for visitors. That was the easiest. And it helped us avoid people stopping in during the birthing process. We wanted it to only be me and my husband. It was so intimate, even though none of it went according to plan." - @kluvbug0206
  12. "Once I became a mom saying no (along with many other things) became much easier. You just say no." - @summerluludesigns
  13. "Scheduling a meet and greet is a great way to deter visitors. Let everyone know that mom and baby are getting acquainted and you would love for everyone to meet baby after 6 weeks (or whenever)." - @fairlybrutal
  14. It All Comes Down To Your Preference

    We get that the prospect of setting boundaries with family and friends for when you’re ready for visitors can be difficult. But remember, you’re the mom and the most important thing that you can do is take care of yourself and take care of your little one. If that means saying no to visitors after birth for a period of time, that is absolutely fine! 

    Be sure to consider some of these options on how you can say no and take control of the situation. Whether it’s a scheduled meet and greet on your terms or brainstorming a certain way to tell your families about visiting boundaries, make a plan that works for you and run with it. Be sure to have your favorite carrier nearby when visitors come so that, if your baby needs to be near you, you have a quick solution. You’ve got this, mama!

    Share your responses and thoughts on this question, mom to mom or parent to parent, in the comments!

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