Ergonomic Infant Carriers: How to Choose the Right One. A guide for new parents

How to Choose the Right Baby Carrier

Baby carriers come in all sorts of designs, styles, and carry positions. This can make it a bit overwhelming when you’re trying to find the right carrier for you. Since safety and comfort are primary concerns, you should look for an ergonomic carrier. When a baby carrier is ergonomic, it allows your baby to maintain a natural posture, which promotes correct hip development.

Types of Baby Carriers

Although there are numerous baby carriers on the market, they all fall into five basic categories.


For an ergonomic newborn carrier, you may like to consider a wrap. It consists of a piece of fabric you tie around you and your baby. Bear in mind it may be unsuitable during hot weather, as the tight design means you can easily overheat.


Similar to a wrap is a sling. The difference is it has two rings as well as the fabric, which makes it easier to wear and leads to a looser fit. You can keep using the same sling as your baby grows from newborn to toddler — it’s another ideal option for ergonomic babywearing with a newborn.

Soft Structured Carrier

If you would prefer a carrier with a solid shape that you just strap on and go, you may like a soft structured carrier. Its thick waistband helps spread your baby’s weight. Plus, the padded straps mean it’s suitable even for larger infants.


A Meh Dai, which originated as an Asian baby carrier, is a cross between a wrap and a soft structured carrier. Like a soft structured carrier, it has a padded main body, but it also features straps that enable you to tie the carrier in various ways.


Having a baby carrier for your back can be ideal for larger infants, although it’s unsuitable for babies who are only a few months old. A backpack baby carrier can be useful for activities like long hikes, but it tends to be less convenient for other situations because it’s so bulky. It also adds extra weight. Most of the time, you’ll be better off using another type of carrier and just attaching it to your back.

Considerations When Choosing a Carrier

The right carrier is a personal decision. Think about what you’re looking for in a baby carrier to choose the best style for you.

How Long You Want to Carry Your Baby

Some parents just want to carry their babies for a few months, whereas others would like to be able to continue using the same carrier with their toddlers. Check the weight limits for an idea of how long a particular carrier will last.

Safest Carriers for Newborns

If you want to start using a carrier straight away, it’s important to find a safe option. The safest infant carrier for newborns is a wrap or sling, as these support the head, neck, and back.

Baby Wrap: How to Tie a Newborn

It can be complicated to learn how to tie a wrap, but a ring sling is easy. Simply thread the fabric through the two rings to create a hammock shape for your baby. Make sure your newborn is close to your chest where you can clearly see her head and keep her chin off your chest. Newborns always need to face inward, but you can carry older infants in a variety of positions using a ring sling.

Time and Effort to Use

The only carrier that has a learning curve to use is a wrap. It’s also complicated because you need to hold your baby toward you and tie the carrier around you both. Carriers that you put on before you pick up your baby are easier to use.

Another factor to consider is how easy it is to wash the carrier, which will depend on the design and fabric. It may be worth purchasing two carriers to have a backup while one is in the laundry.

Comfort for You and Your Baby

You will only want to use your carrier if it’s comfortable for you and your baby. Soft structured carriers are comfortable to wear on both your back and your front because of the way they distribute weight and because they keep your baby close to you and high up. Slings are similar, but they create a wider base, which is ideal for infants who are too young to support themselves in a seated position.

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