Tula's 2021 Greatest Hits

2021 was a year of immense gratitude for us at Baby Tula. It is an honor to continue to grow the number of families (primarily by word of mouth) who keep their babies close in a Tula carrier. In a business where our customers literally outgrow us, we would be nowhere without your enthusiastic endorsements. We are so grateful for all the #tulalove. Read on to look back at some of our "greatest hits" in 2021. 

While Baby Tula started as a teeny tiny micro-business in 2009, 2021 was the 10th anniversary of a significant growth milestone. In 2011, our founders hired the first team of seamstresses in Poland to craft our Tula carriers. It was also the year that Tula made a splash in its current home, San Diego, as we were introduced to the local babywearing group. These early achievements would help shape and grow the brand we are today. Some of those original seamstresses continue to work with us today! 

While we enjoyed looking back at our roots this year, it's also been a period of evolution and change. We been known for having "lots of prints" since our beginnings. At the time, it was a feature unique to us! But, in 2021, we quickly learned that you were also excited for Baby Tula to explore more subtle designs with a fresh cool look. 

This year, Tula Linen takes the #1 spot for making the biggest splash.
Linen hit the scene with four colors (Mesa has already sold out indefinitely) and finished the year with six colors. Unfortunately, at times, Tula Linen was a little hard to catch between the enthusiastic demand (yay!) and global supply chain disturbances. Nevertheless, we are so happy to announce that we just had a huge restock, and you can grab your favorite color now! The soft linen/cotton blend made this collection appeal to those in warmer climates and people who loved the subtle herringbone weave of the fabric. Available in just the Free-To-Grow, and Explore, would you want to see Tula Linen available in other sizes?

Back to the prints!
Don't worry. Tula prints are not going anywhere! We have more in store for 2022, and you might even see the revival of a couple of things from the vault.
Your favorite prints this year were inspired by the galaxy, tie-dye, and camping!

Andromeda kicked off 2021 with moody plums and violets on deep dark background. Many of you requested it and we just restocked Andromeda Explore! You can also find this print in Baby and Cuddle Me size Tula Blankets.

Coast Jimi was an encore from 2020's breakout star, Jimi. You loved the ice-dyed look of this carrier, and it was gone quickly. Luckily it lives on in our Tula Mini collection.  

Coast Joshua Tree captured hearts with its slightly vintage camping-inspired artwork. It was available in 4 carrier sizes, plus the mini, but sadly is all sold out. If you want a little piece of Joshua Tree, grab the Cuddle Me blanket that's still available. 

Animal print love!

For the 3rd year in a row, animal prints have been a hit, and for 2021 we bookended the year with Olive Leopard and Snow Leopard for our Signature Collection. You will find carriers, minis, hip pouches, and heirloom blankets in this Tula Exclusive weave. 

It's not just the Signature Collection that gets fun animal prints. Coast Peggy is available in Free-To-Grow, Explore, Standard, and Toddler!

Leopard and Coast Leopard had people buying this print in each carrier size, so they never grew out of it! It is so fun for us when we see you all love something this much! Coast Leopard is still available in Explore, Standard, and Toddler. You can also still grab a Leopard Cuddle Me Blanket...and you should. 

Who says animal print has to be neutral? With everything 90s being fabulous again, it was time for a carrier that looked like those coveted Lisa Frank stickers that we loved so hard as kids. Totally Rad sneaked in at the end of 2020, but the blanket was a 2021 release.

Family matching was big everywhere again, and Baby Tula was no exception!

Mini Tulas and blankets mean that siblings passed the babywearing stage can feel connected to it. They can cuddle with and carry their favorite stuffy, just like their parent does with their siblings. Fawn Gingham, Critter Squad, and Mason were all stocked in coordinating Mini carriers. 

Ring Slings 

Ring Slings had their biggest year since 2017, and we were blown away and honored in the best way! We think offering two size-inclusive lengths, two different weaving styles, rainbows, solids, and even sparkle, all priced under $80, is pretty exciting. We are so glad that you do too! 

Tula Lite 

It's our little inside joke that the Tula Lite was the best thing to come out of 2020, and if it wasn't for Tula Linen kicking it out of the top spot, the same sentiment might ring true a year later. Tula Lite is a different product for us. It breaks all the rules. It's also a brand new product to anyone in our audience, and so many of you found us through Tula Lite videos that circulated virally.  We added Aster and Ocotillo prints in 2021, and you can expect more options in time for Summer 2022! 

As we look to 2022, there are more milestones ahead. There is nothing like the baby business to make time feel like it's flying. The first Tula babies are settling into high school, and the Free-To-Grow will turn 5 in March. Team Tula is evolving to make sure we continue to offer you the comfort and quality you are used to and meet your desire for an aesthetic that fits seamlessly into your life.

So expect more of everything you love and an extra dash of what you didn't know you needed yet. Make sure you're signed up for our e-newsletter to catch all the Baby Tula news in 2022. 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for choosing Tula. We hope that we added a little ease to your life this year; and continues to do so NEXT! 

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