A Tula Carrier as Cool as You!

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Becoming a parent is a life changing event. For many, welcoming that new addition can drastically change the way you see yourself. We aim to make baby carriers that are not only highly functional and comfortable, but also beautiful and a way for parents to express their personal style. You, our loyal fans, are always telling us that wearing a Baby Tula carrier can do more than just get you through the day. It can give you confidence, it can bring a bit of joy, it frees up your hands to get more done, and it can help you express yourself.  For these reasons, we are always looking for more ways to excite our community with new styles, patterns, and designs.

Baby Tula has been using woven wraps to make carriers since our early days, because we wanted to combine their unique, beautiful designs, with the ease and intuitive use of our buckle carriers. As many of you may know, our wrap conversion carriers are often difficult to get ahold of because of their popularity and a production process that is lengthy, limiting the number of carriers we are able to produce. While we will continue to produce our much loved wrap conversion Tula baby carriers and host regular releases for them, we’re happy to offer a new variation of our canvas Tula baby carrier that has a similar aesthetic of a wrap conversion Tula baby carrier, yet will be more accessible (for your budget, too). We are excited to introduce our first fully-printed Tula Baby Carrier, ‘Jet’. ‘Jet’ has a full printed canvas exterior featuring a cool, modern plus sign pattern, with a light gray canvas interior and detachable hood.


The fully-printed Tula Baby Carriers use high quality, sturdy printed fabric on the outer portion of the straps, body panel, and waistband to create an appearance similar to our wrap conversion carriers. The interior is lined with solid colored soft brushed canvas. These Tula Baby Carriers have the same structural design as our current soft structured baby carriers and will be available in both Standard and Toddler sizes.

Specialty printed fabrics and our attention to detail and design means that this more accessible answer to your wrap conversion carrier desires doesn’t compromise on quality and comfort. With the availability and added flexibility of printed fabric, we will be able to make fully-printed Tula baby carriers in greater quantities than our wrap conversion Tula carriers and at a more accessible price point. Tula baby carriers with the full print design will retail for $159 USD, for the Standard size and $179 for the Toddler size.


Stay tuned for the release of ‘Jet’ along with additional unique and creative designs for the other fully-printed Tula baby carriers that we are already working on. Each is being designed to reflect different personalities, moods, and aesthetics. We hope that this version of our Tula baby carrier will be another way to make you feel confident and feel like you! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to future previews and announcements for this creative line of carriers. 

Tula “Jet” will be available in Standard and Toddler size on August 2nd on  tulababycarriers.com and at specialty retailers.

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