A Unique Love: The New Tri-Weave Tencel®

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Tula Love Avant-Garde is a gorgeous combination of sky blue, goldenrod, and white

Baby Tula is not only a family owned company, but we are comprised of a diverse team that includes passionate babywearers. Many of us have enjoyed babywearing in our daily lives and understand the important function it serves as children grow. This experience drives our passion to seek out bold designs and a myriad of options that allow the babywearing journey to be distinctly stylish and enjoyable. For our newest ‘Tula Love’ woven wraps, we had our growing babies in mind. Woven in our new tri-weave Tencel® blend, the upcoming ‘Tula Love’ wraps not only have additional color but they also offer exceptional marshmallowy support. As we approach the release of these wraps, we wanted to share, in detail, what makes the new tri-weave Tencel® blend a unique love.

A Unique Composition

Our new tri-weave Tencel® blend is 53% Tencel®/47% Cotton. Tencel® is made from naturally-grown wood pulp of eucalyptus trees. Tencel® possesses amazing breathability and moisture control, while offering the additional benefits of eucalyptus: water savings, renewable growth, and environmental stewardship.

The tri-weave process uses three different yarns which results in the wrap having two wefts allowing for a colored reverse side and a more unique design on the the wrap. Each ‘Tula Love’ wrap has three colored hearts, including an accented white heart throughout the print. Compared to a double weave, a tri-weave wrap will feel more dense.

The weaving process combined with our Tencel® material creates an exceptionally soft wrap that has a layered, intricate fluff.

From a design standpoint, we were so excited by the opportunity to create a more dazzling version of a classic design! The depth of color seen with the tri-weave woven wraps is accomplished by the way three different colored threads are woven together. Each color was chosen by the way they coordinated when layered together.

Tula Love Lilas beautifully combines plum, denim, and white colors.

A Unique Feel 

Despite the same name and design, the tri-weave Tencel® blend has some characteristics that differ from our previous Tencel® blend ‘Tula Love’ woven wraps. While still having the soft, fluid feel of our other ‘Tula Love’ Tencel® blends, like ‘Tula Love Noir,’ the tri-weave blend has added weight and cushiness to it.  In hand, the new weave feels thicker yet still retains a suppleness which translates to a fluffy, bouncy feel. It has a bit more weight to it, measuring at 320 GSM, but if you have not felt a previously released ‘Tula Love’ Tencel® blend before, you may not even notice the difference. It’s not overly heavy or cumbersome and combines the soft beautiful drape of our older blends with a pillowy feel. The weave has a bit of texture and is dense, yet has a bit of stretch that bounces back nicely. Close up, you can really admire the intricate weave of the wrap. Bold colors melt together with flickers of white that make the colors more relaxed without desaturation.

A Unique Carry 

While wrapping with the new tri-weave, the soft Tencel® in the wrap helps passes glide nicely, while the slight texture provides a bit of grip to hold the wrap in place. There is no sag to this wrap but the thickness requires you to be thoughtful when you are tightening. Its substantial cushion prevents you from feeling pressure on your shoulders and lower back. The added thickness translates to the tri-weave wraps feeling shorter than their actual size. You may find that you benefit from sizing up from your desired wrap size. However, these wraps are perfect for single layer carries as they are so cushioned and supportive while being breathable. With careful wrapping, repositioning is not needed and the immediate softness prevents any dig in your shoulders. The tri-weave ‘Tula Love’ woven wraps are wonderful for older infants and toddlers as it provides rock solid support with a soft cushion feel that will allow for longer wears. Yet, the softness of these wraps would also make them exceptional for small babies.

With these wraps, we hope you sense the love that they personally express for babywearing and the closeness it allows for our babies that continue to grow.

Soft and extremely supportive. We are sure you will love this new weave!

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