Baby Tula Celebrates the San Diego Zoo Centennial Celebration!

When we were approached by San Diego Zoo Global to produce a special Tula Baby Carrier for the Zoo’s Centennial celebration, we knew it would be a perfect collaboration. Ula, founder of Baby Tula, and her family have long been San Diego Zoo members and love visiting the Zoo often with a Tula in tow. A Tula carrier that showcased the San Diego Zoo Centennial logo not only would make for a vibrant and gorgeous Tula, but it would also be a way for us to give support to a locale that has meant so much to us, personally, and for our community of families.

The San Diego Zoo has long been a much loved destination for families. While visiting the Zoo, being able to hold your child close in a baby carrier while you enjoy the sights and excitement of the zoo makes the experience all the more interactive and memorable. The elevated perspective while being carried makes it much easier for your little one to see many of the animals and communicate with you in your shared experience. And, on a very basic level, wearing your baby at the Zoo makes the various terrains more accessible to you and small children. Locally, it is very common for babywearing families and friends to meet at the Zoo for playdates!


With the natural synergy of babywearing and zoo visits in mind, Baby Tula and the San Diego Zoo came together to develop a limited edition carrier to allow families to enjoy babywearing at the Zoo while commemorating the anniversary of the Zoo’s inception 100 years ago. The ROAR! carrier features the iconic Centennial Celebration logo embroidered on the main panel of a light gray Tula carrier and provides comfort with intuitive, versatile adjustments.

Along with being able to create a beautiful carrier for the San Diego Zoo Centennial celebration, we also wanted to give back to the world famous zoo and the amazing animals we see during our many visits. As part of our shared commitment to conserving wildlife, 10% of proceeds from purchases of ROAR! made online at will be contributed back  to the San Diego Zoo Global Wildlife Conservancy, up to $10,000. The Wildlife Conservancy provides support for wildlife conservation efforts at the San Diego Zoo, the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, and the San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research. Their international field programs operate in over 35 countries on 6 continents. To date, 43 animal species have been reintroduced back into native habitats, and many more are being protected here and abroad.

Based on the Tula communities’ love for baby wearing at the Zoo, the team at Baby Tula has organized an official “Tula at the Zoo” day on May 21, 2016, encouraging families across the world to visit their local zoo and share their favorite carrier shots. Those visiting the San Diego Zoo that day will have the opportunity to meet Team Tula, try the new ROAR! carrier, and be entered for the opportunity to win future admission for (4) four, including special a “Inside Look Tour”.

The ROAR! Carrier can be purchased online at or at select retail locations in San Diego County beginning May 13th, 2016.


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