Baby Tula Supports the Last Prisoner Project with a Donation and Exclusive Canna-Bliss Carrier Giveaway

Last Prisoner Project and Exclusive Canna-Bliss Carrier GiveawayWe know that the power of humor can bring people together and spark meaningful conversations. So this April Fools' Day, we shared a lighthearted post featuring our (semi) fictional Canna-Bliss Baby Carriers, which garnered laughs and raised eyebrows across social media. Now, we're taking the opportunity to raise awareness about an issue we feel strongly about: cannabis clemency and the Last Prisoner Project.

The Last Prisoner Project (LPP) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to fighting for the release and reintegration of those still incarcerated for cannabis-related offenses in the United States. According to LPP, an astounding 15.7 million people have been arrested for marijuana offenses in the US over the past decade. This staggering number underscores the need for change and justice in our legal system.

Despite the growing acceptance of cannabis use and the legalization of marijuana in many states, countless individuals continue to serve time for non-violent cannabis offenses. In 2022, the US legal cannabis market was valued at $13.2 billion, highlighting the contrast between the booming industry and the lives still being destroyed by outdated and unjust laws.

Baby Tula recognizes the importance of supporting organizations like the Last Prisoner Project in their mission to secure the release of those imprisoned for cannabis offenses and help them reintegrate into society. We're proud to announce that we will be making a donation to the Last Prisoner Project to contribute to their efforts in achieving clemency, compassionate release and/or resentencing for all.

In addition to our donation, we're hosting an exclusive giveaway of the 4 Canna-Bliss Baby Carriers we made to raise further awareness about this crucial issue. By participating in this giveaway, you'll be helping to spread the word about the Last Prisoner Project and the need for cannabis clemency. Together, we can help make a difference for those affected by outdated and unjust cannabis laws.


To enter the Canna-Bliss Baby Carrier giveaway, follow these simple steps:

  1. Share this blog post on your social media accounts using the hashtag #CannaBlissForClemency  Be sure to tag us so we see it! 
  2. Directly tell three friends interested in supporting the Last Prisoner Project or love the Canna-Bliss Tula. (on the honor system)
  3. Follow Baby Tula and the Last Prisoner Project on Instagram.

The winners will be randomly selected on April 8th and announced in our Stories. While a full production of the Canna-Bliss Baby Carrier may have been an April Fools' joke for now, we know that the print will resonate with many of our fans. That led to supporting the Last Prisoner Project and the fight for cannabis clemency, which is no joking matter. We encourage our community to join us in supporting this important cause and help us raise awareness about the need for change in the cannabis legal landscape.

Together, we can make a difference for those who have been unjustly imprisoned and work towards a more just and compassionate future.

* Tula Canna-Bliss is not actually one of our hemp carriers. It is made of a printed cotton. Shop our real Tula Hemp Collection

*Giveaway is not associated with Meta or their social media platforms 

*4 carriers will be given away. 1 Explore, 1 Free-to-Grow, 1 Toddler, and 1 Preschool. 

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