Baby Tula Woven Wrap Instructions

Woven Wrap Instructions

Baby Tula Woven Wraps combine the art and beauty of modern weaving with and generations of European textile experience. Designed and woven specifically for Baby Tula, our wraps are a representation of our passion for textiles, designs, and attention to detail, but mostly the beauty of babywearing. Tula Woven Wraps are Oko-Tex Standard 100 certified and come in various sizes and blends.

Woven Wrap - Cross Carry Instructions

Front Wrap Cross Carry Instructions

  1. Find the middle of your wrap (where the middle marker tag is).
  2. Drape the wrap against your chest.
  3. Bring each side of the wrap around your waist and across your back, making sure the fabric is not twisted. Bring the opposite side of the wrap over each shoulder.
  4. The wrap will have two “tails” hanging over your shoulders.
  5. Create a small pocket in which to place your baby in the wrap fabric across your chest. Baby will be placed near the center marker. Pick up your baby, and, continuing to support her weight, place her on your shoulder and move her gently down into the pocket of the wrap.
  6. Securely holding your baby at all times, pass your baby into the pocket of the fabric. While supporting the child, ensure that there is plenty of fabric under her bottom and that the lower rail of the wrap is reaching from one knee to the other. Continuing to support her weight with one hand, reach in between your baby and baby’s body and pull the bottom rail up towards baby’s belly button to ensure that she is in a deep, seated position.
  7. Still supporting baby’s weight, gently pull on the top/inside rail of the tail coming over one shoulder to tighten the fabric around baby’s body. The pocket for your baby should be snug against your body, but should not obstruct baby’s airway. Continue to tighten each section of the wrap tail (from inside rail to outside) so that baby is fully supported in the seated position with tension across her entire back and bottom.
  8. Maintain tension of the side that you have tightened while supporting your baby’s weight with the same hand. Repeat the tightening process on the other side, following #7.
  9. Ensure that both tails are snug and not twisted and that baby is high enough to kiss and has a clear airway.
  10. Holding the wrap tails tightly in each hand, bring them under your baby’s bottom and cross them. Tuck the under each knee to bring behind your back.
  11. Secure the tails by tying a secure double knot behind your back. Once tied, you should be able to be hands free with your baby supported snugly against your body and with knees slightly higher than her bottom, forming the M-position. Watch and listen to your baby closely to ensure that her airway is never obstructed.

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