Baby Tula x Nena & Co.: Shared Love of Weaving

Through the Signature collection, we have the honor of working with women-owned, small-batch artisan weavers pretty much for over a decade. It's remained part of our ethos to spotlight some of the most talented textile artists in the world. While this model is somewhat unique in the babywearing world, our newest collaborator, Nena & Co.
shares a similar passion and process. Their dedication to honoring the traditional strap and foot loom weavers of Guatemala is something that drew us to want to work with them. 



For those not familiar with Nena & Co, we're so excited to introduce you to them and their incredible products. Founder Ali Hynek took a deep dive into her Guatemalan heritage in 2013 while struggling with infertility. It sparked an interest in repurposing vintage huipiles (traditional tops worn in Guatemala) into quality handbags.


It was not just the unique colorful styles that made her heart sing, but the tradition of weaving and the weavers themselves. She wanted to support current Master Artisans who were sometimes forced to find work in other industries to support themselves. "I began to think of weaving like an ecosystem," Ali says. "We can't just take the old weavings from the past, but we need to replenish them with new weavings. We want to keep it alive."

That investment into providing consistent, weaving projects for the Master artisans is what we fuels Nena & Co. vibrant product line-up. There are still one-of-a-kind pieces made with vintage fabric, but newly loomed small batch artisan fabrics provide sustainable income for the Guatemalan people. 



Baby Tula's collaboration with Nena & Co. has been years in the making. Both brands are fortunate to have very enthusiastic fans with lots of crossovers. We have been asked to do a Signature Collection with Nena many times over and we are finally able to make it happen! Our first collection together will feature the Javana fabric, a Nena fan favorite that has sold out in it previous releases. 




We are thrilled to bring you Javana in the carrier styles, Free-to-Grow, Explore, Standard, Toddler, and Preschool! As well as Signature strap covers and baby heirloom blankets. Of course, it would not be a Nena collaboration without a beautiful bag to accompany the carrier, and we have TWO fabulous items that   complement your carrier. A brand new silhouette for Nena, the Classic Backpack, and the Micro Pouch. 






With five carriers and two bags, there will be something for everyone! While you choose between the Explore or Free-to-Grow and add the Classic Backpack to your wishlist, you can feel good about your purchase. Nena is passionate about sustainability and empowering working conditions for everyone involved in creating their products. In addition, accurate cultural representation and preservation are a cornerstone of the entire process.

The artisans are given the freedom to create using their traditional designs and methods and of course, given full credit for their talent and skill. Like all of the companies we partner with for our Signature collection, Nena and Co. provides higher than fair wage standards. In addition, the team at Nena HQ in Antigua Guatemala benefits from health care, paid time off, paid holidays, educational scholarships, disaster aid, maternity, and paternity leave. It is truly an opportunity for empowering women while sharing these beautiful handmade items. 



The collection will be available to shop Friday, February 25th at 7 am PT, but you can sign up for an opportunity to shop before the general public here! You can preview details and pricing for The Explore, Free-to-Grow, Standard, Toddler, and Preschool carriers now on

We are so excited to share this collection with you. You can learn more about Javana's weaver below. Happy Babywearing. 🧡

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