Babywearing in the Cold

Oh the weather outside is frightful
But babywearing is so delightful
And since we have places to go
Put on the Tula! Let’s go! In the Snow! 
The colder weather of wintertime may have caregivers wondering if they can still use their Tula Carriers. The answer is YES! Here are some facts to help with babywearing in the cold:

1. Babywearing Produces Warmth

Just like a hug or snuggling under a blanket, having a child in a carrier on your body will make you both feel warmer. 

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2. Babywearing Keeps You Tuned in to Your Baby’s Temperature

Since your bodies are touching and you have quick access to your child’s limbs out of the carrier, it is easier to tell if your baby is too cold.

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3. Heart to Heart Protects the Cheeks 

Our Tula Explore offers a world facing position, but you may prefer to wear your baby facing you in a heart to heart position when the weather becomes very cold. Facing in will offer some protection from the wind and allows you to monitor your baby easily.

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4. Cover Everything but Your Baby’s Face

Your goal even in very cold weather, is to be able to see your baby and monitor them. There are several items that can help keep the cold out when you are babywearing that won’t prevent you from keeping your baby visible. Try hats, roomy fleece pajamas, leg warmers, high-calf babywearing booties, mittens, or a large (possibly maternity style) coat over the both of you. Don’t forget to watch for kicked off booties!

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5. Don’t Over Bundle Your Bundle of Joy

Just as we want to be cautious that a baby is not too cold, we also do not want to over dress them. You do not need to dress them in more layers than you yourself have on to be comfortable. If you will be going in and out of buildings, easily removable layers make it easier. 

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6.  Watch your step. 

Consider the visibility underneath you in a  carrier + winter wear combination.
You may choose to wear an older infant or child on your back to improve visibility in potentially  slippery weather. Consider your footwear choices as well so that you are not at risk of slipping. 

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