Babywearing San Diego… Support Since 2007!

Our next group, the incredible Babywearing San Diego, has actually been serving the San Diego area with love and babywearing since 2007!  The 9 volunteer group leaders and 6 grandfathered leaders are dedicated to helping everyone wear their baby safely and comfortably, spreading the babywearing love and celebrating it in all safe forms!

Babywearing San Diego, also known as BWSD, was created for babywearers in San Diego County and surrounding areas, as well as those who have or will be living in the San Diego area.  This group operates two very active Facebook pages and a website and has several monthly meetings and playdates, from large group meetings serving up to ___ people, all the way down to casual park playdates for the kids.

This group has both a main lending library with over 80 carriers and a mini library which is about half that size, and serves 5,650 members in north San Diego County and beyond through meetings, playdates, discussions and other events.   In addition to group events, the amazing educator team behind BWSD also supports local family and business events.  BWSD has even partnered with the military personnel in San Diego to host events and classes for new and expecting parents on base.

Babywearing San Diego has always offered the very best support to their community, and we love hearing about how they have impacted their community, and how Tula has benefited that relationship:

Thank you so much for all that you do, Babywearing San Diego!  We are thrilled to feature you and we love how you support the mission of babywearing accessibility for all, and help as #tulabuildscommunities!

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