Babywearing Workouts and Exercise Routines

Babywearing Workouts & Exercise Routines

A new year often means setting goals to start fresh and get healthy…but it can be hard to find the time to fit exercise into your day when you have a family. With the help of a Tula Baby Carrier, we think there’s a way to accomplish all your resolutions and take care of baby’s needs! We’ve compiled some of our favorite babywearing workouts shared by caregivers just like you, that find creative ways to combine bonding with your little one and getting a workout.

Dance Workout

Our friends at MomTogether created this super fun dance workout that you can do while babywearing, pregnant or postpartum and it’s a great way to have your baby giggling or snoozing!


Dumbbell Workout

We love how Sia, from Diary of a Fit Mommy Official, incorporates her kids in her [almost] daily workout routines – check out this one where she uses her daughter, a Carrier and a couple dumbbells and you’ve got yourself a quick workout!

Babywearing Lunges

Lunges are a great body-weight move to sculpt and tone your legs, but instead of using weights, use your baby! See how Randi, from thedresscode_, skips the babysitter and incorporates Harlie into her workouts!

Babywearing Stretches and Leg Workouts

We love the way Madisen Clark, from livingwithalittleextra, incorporate little Londynn in not only her workouts but also in her stretches! Check out her moves!

In our previous blog on The Many Layers of Babywearing, Dr. Stephanie Williams Libs, DC shares how beneficial babywearing is for your first exercise postpartum. She shares, “The weight of babywearing is the closest thing to having our baby bump, so it’s a slow transition adapting to not having that weight in our belly, which leads to better spine and core stability.”

We love seeing you and your baby bonding through everyday activities! Share how you use babywearing to keep doing what you love – tag us on Instagram @babytula or use #babytula.

Please note: Before performing any exercises, confirm with your doctor/medical provider that you are cleared to engage in physical activities. Follow our manufacturer guidelines when using your carrier during workouts.

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