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Building Your Parenting Community

World Down syndrome day

Something that's important to us, here at Baby Tula, is supporting community building because we feel that connecting with other caregivers who relate to you helps you so much on your parenting journey. When facing new experiences or celebrating big wins, it's always nice to have people by your side. Today is World Down syndrome day, and we wanted to feature Jamie's experience with having a daughter with Down syndrome and finding a connection with another family online and through their love of Tula.

Scroll down to also learn how you can enter a giveaway in honor of World Down syndrome Day and to read what Jamie shared:

World Down syndrome day is a day to wear our blue and yellow, celebrate our loved ones with Down syndrome, and share with the world how they are truly #morealikethandifferent. I never knew this day existed, and now I love having a day set aside to remind the world how precious our Gracie is and how perfectly she was created. Down syndrome isn’t scary and it isn’t a bad thing - it’s just a different normal, and we are so grateful for it.

This day is also a fun day to cheer for our other friends who rock that extra chromosome - and two that we love cheering for are Jax and Niko.

One of the wonderful things about social media is how you can instantly be connected with others who have things in common with you. For Holly and I, Down syndrome and open-heart surgery were the things that connected us. With me in Alabama and her in Canada, social media brought us closer at a time when we needed it!

Holly reached out to me before her newly-adopted son, Jax, had open-heart surgery. Through the great world of Instagram and blogs, she had seen that our Gracie had gone through that just a few months earlier. It was so great for two strangers to be able to learn from one another and encourage each other through heart surgery and now, almost 4 years later, continue to encourage through therapies, toddler tantrums, and the journey of being the best moms we can be.

And of course, we are both obsessed with Tulas - particularly the Free-to-Grow. It makes it easy to switch between kids who need to be carried.



Thanks for sharing Jamie! Follow Jamie and Holly to see more about their amazing children and families! And head to our Instagram page to enter a giveaway for a Tula Wrap Conversion Free-to-Grow Carrier and a $50 store credit to More Alike Than Different

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