Castles and Ice Cream! Tula Love, the Edinburgh Way!


We are thrilled to be on the road for our annual summer trip to Poland. This year, the first stop was in Scotland… and what better way to spend a morning in Edinbugh than with Tula families?!

Scottish Tula Mamas member Susi O’Brien explained that, while Scottish Tula fans often chat online via Facebook, there had never been a Tula meet up in Edinburgh before… but when they learned that the Tula Family would be in town, it was a must-do!

The perfect itinerary for the day included a walk in the beautiful Princes St Gardens just below the Castle followed by a casual playdate near the park and ice cream stand. Although the playdate occurred on short notice and was relatively small, the energy was amazing!

Susi writes: “I think one of the lovely things about the Edinburgh Tula meet up was how it demonstrated how baby or toddler slings can aid parenting and help to make any kind of playdate or parenting meet up go much more smoothly. All of us carrying were able to chat and relax whilst walking, knowing that our children were secure and happily looking around and about with interest. My toddler son was snuggled into my shoulder as always  as he watched all the people and scenery go past. There were no tears or tantrums from any of them. We could also go up and down steps, across grass, down slopes, and anywhere we liked without the hassle of using a buggy. And even when Tula-time was over and the toddlers got out to play, it is SO much easier to scramble after an exploring one year old with empty carrier on your back rather than trying to keep hold of a buggy at the same time!”

The sun was warm and the smiles were many. From an on-the-spot babywearing coaching session to many oohs and ahhhs and the giggles of happy children, thank you so much to the lovely parents of Scottish Tula Mamas for the incredible welcome and we hope we will have a chance to visit again in the future! Thank you for sharing with us all about how #tulabuildscommunities around the world!  We are humbled to share in a day of love in your community!

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