Dads in Baby Carriers

Dads, caregivers and parents use baby carriers as not only a great way to bond, but it's also a great way to explore the world together! In October 2018, there was some debate about how 'masculine' wearing a baby carrier is when Daniel Craig was criticized for wearing one. Many came to his defense (even Caption America himself, Chris Evans) and shared their support for Dads who babywear.  We wanted to show you some AMAZING caregivers who make babywearing look good!

From Daniel Craig to Micheal Phelps, dads and caregivers around the world use Tula Baby Carriers as an essential tool in their parenting lives.

Did you recognize Daniel Craig’s baby carrier? It’s one of our most popular prints, Discover! 

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This man is TOO good to me. #dilf

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So peaceful with the little man...

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Andrew and I just finished an 8 week marriage course and it was soo good for us. Even after being together over 16 yrs we still have so much room to understand each other’s emotional needs better. Sometimes we get in a rut cuz it’s easy to let our relationship take a back seat with all the business of life, work and raising kids! But in order to have a fulfilling marriage we gotta make our relationship a priority. You gotta put in the effort to reap the rewards. Most of the time when we aren’t vibing great, are arguing a lot, or just don’t feel good feelings about each other, it’s because we aren’t meeting each other’s basic emotional needs in the way that we individually need it most. We might be showing love to each other, but not in the way your partner appreciates it best. Have you ever read the book “The 5 Love Languages”? I highly recommend it if you are new to this concept of showing love to each other in different ways. The 5 Love Languages are: words of affirmation acts of service quality time 
physical touch and gifts. And the course we did went into even more detail. The top 10 basic emotional needs in the course were: Affection, sexual fulfillment, intimate conversation, recreational companionship, honesty and openness, physical attractiveness, financial support, domestic support, family commitment, and admiration. Have you ever discussed this with your spouse? Have you thought about what specifically makes you feel most loved by your partner and shared what your partner can do to make you feel loved, satisfied and fulfilled and vise versa? Sometimes all it takes is some tweaking in how you show your partner love for fireworks to take off like when you first started dating. Because “more often than not, being right or wrong for someone depends not on some mysterious compatibility quotient, but on how willing and able you are to meet that someone’s needs.” (Quote by Willard Harley Jr.)

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It feels good to keep this little guy close to me. I want to experience these types of moments as much as possible before he gets any bigger. He will be 2 years in May can you believe it? . HUGE s/o to @babytula for sending me this awesome toddler carrier! This is the one for me right here. The perfect color! Proud to be partnered with you all! . Also thanks to my daughter @alexas_corner for taking these pictures! Like father like daughter! . I am pictured wearing a Toddler Carrier and the model is Soar . And now an announcement! . Today is the best day to purchase a Tula of your very own. On March 22 they are offering up to 20% all orders + every order over $50 receives a gift with purchase such as a Grovia wet bag, a Micralite stroller, RePlay No Spill Sippy Cup and so much more! They are gifting over $50K worth of gifts today only! Link in profile <3 #babytula #tulahellospring #babywearing #babycarrier #realitychangersfamily #sandiego #dadlife #lifeofdad #fatherandson #fatherhood #spring

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Shout out to our favorite baby carrier @babytula for sponsoring my latest YouTube video! • If you didn’t know- I am a trained Pastry Chef and was practicing for 7 years before I began my speaking and activism! • In this weeks video learn how to make VEGAN Holiday Biscuits! (And non vegan if that ain’t ur thing) • Check out my story or click the link in my bio to watch! And go check out @babytula for all your baby carrier needs! (They also sell that amazing rainbow blanket everyone sees Antler in all the time! 🌈) • • • • 🎥 @iamelliotparker @paigeparker31 🎞 @ashrosemalone #babytula #sponsored #ad #babycarrier #ourfavorite #babyantler #lgbtfamily #parenthood #fatherhood #baker #dadswhobake #vegan #biscuits #holidaybiscuits #aydiandowling #radicaloptimism #ftm #transdad #babiesfirstchristmas #christmastime

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#tulateaches tip: When putting on your Tula Baby Carrier on, we suggest snapping the chest clip before tightening you fully tighten the shoulder straps. Keeping the strap webbing loose while snapping the chest clip helps to make it easier to reach the clip. After snapping the chest clip buckle, you can tighten each shoulder strap by pulling the webbing in a horizontal direction. This will lower the chest clip to a more comfortable “H” like position on your back. . You can see this tip in action, in our instruction videos on IGTV or online: (🔗 in our bio) . . . #babytula #tulateachestip #tulababycarriers #babywearing #babywearing101 #newtobabywearing #babywearingeducator #babycarrier #babywearingtips

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