Denver Tula Mamas – Community Building in Mile High City!

Our hearts are bursting with joy to have the opportunity to share this next group with you.  Founded in 2014 by Lisa Shaw, Denver Tula Mamas (also known as DTM) is a group 631 members strong which was created to connect like-minded babywearing, Tula-loving mamas in the Denver area and beyond.  Led by founder Lisa and her co-leaders Rachel A. Chapman, Zaineb Um Musa, and Kristy Gill, the mission of DTM is to make babywearing safe, accessible, affordable and fun for as many Denver families as possible, and they do this through free monthly playgroups, live “stash show-offs,” organized quarterly meet-ups at locations like the zoo, botanical gardens, baseball games, museums, etc., and their active Facebook community.  Thank you for spreading Tula Love in Mile High City and for sharing your beautiful community, Denver Tula Mamas!

By Lisa Shaw

It all started in the summer of 2013, with one Tula, a surprise rainbow wrap conversion that I lovingly named “Skittles” after the tropical colored candies she uncannily resembled. My obsession for the carriers grew quickly and exponentially, but something much more meaningful began to develop as an unintended byproduct. I couldn’t fully grasp the gravity of its meaning until much later on. My little story that started with one Tula became an entire community of mamas, Tulas and inspiring stories.

One of the first things I noticed about the Tula world was the breadth and depth of the love mamas had for not only their Tulas, but for each other. In my personal quest to “try all the Tulas” I met so many incredible mamas. Every time I participated in a trade or transaction, I made genuine new friendship. So, when I moved my family across the country to Denver, with no real connections there, I was longing for real-life friendships with mamas to share my passion for Tulas with.

When I started Denver Tula Mamas in March of 2014, I had no idea that a group I created based on my desire for real friendships, would fulfill the same desire for so many other local mamas. It quickly became something so much bigger than myself and I have tried to embrace every opportunity to help it grow. There’s something much larger at work in all of this and all I can hope to do is help guide it in the right direction, so it can continue to be the loving local community that so many mamas here in Denver need.

If I were to ask everyone why they joined Denver Tula Mamas, the most common answer I would probably get is, “because I love Tulas!” I know that was one of the major reasons why I started the group. I didn’t know then what I know now: that what we were building was a COMMUNITY. And as it blossomed into what it is today, I have felt like a proud gardener, faithfully sowing seeds of love, reciprocity and support, not fully knowing that it would grow beyond my wildest dreams – in just a little over a year’s time, to over 600 local mamas. Now I can’t take credit for what this group is at the core of its being. I didn’t create the seeds; in fact, I didn’t even know exactly what kind of seeds they were. But I just trusted that this was something I needed – something WE ALL needed – to support this oftentimes lonely and confusing journey of motherhood.

The most incredible thing about Denver Tula Mamas is the culture. It’s absolutely impossible not to want to be a part of it. However you found the group, once you’re in it, there’s no ignoring how infectious the enthusiasm and loving spirit of its members is. Everyone treats one another with so much respect and care. Simply put, you cannot be unaffected by the collective energy here. Each and every member contributes to the community something very special and unique and makes it better for everyone else in it. Denver Tula Mamas allow other mamas, just like them, to EMBRACE PASSION, EMBRACE LOVE and EMBRACE THEIR OWN JOURNEY.

Denver Tula Mamas is a place where we can all be who we are, without judgment or question. There is no drama and no passive spectatorship. We are all in it together. We inspire each other, we build each other up, we understand each other’s trials, we give back to our own local community and we do EVERYTHING we do because we believe that by supporting mothers, babies and families, WE ARE MAKING THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE FOR OUR OWN BABIES AND FAMILIES.

For me personally, Denver Tula Mamas has come to represent the physical manifestation of my passion for building relationships with other people. But it fulfills a unique need for everyone who participates in it. The seed of joy that was planted by one Tula two years ago has grown into a tree that will bear fruit for an entire community for hopefully many years to come. #tulabuildscommunities

Being new to the area, I love being part of such a positive group of women. Many of us have never met in person but the love of Tulas and baby wearing brings us together to support each other in all aspects of life and motherhood and make each other feel welcome!
– Leah Giambartolomei

I am painfully shy, and it takes me a terribly long time to make new friends but this group is so supportive and cares so much for each other that, when I do get the courage, I always feel welcome and important. I love that we all have one very common passion, our love for holding our babies close.
– Liz Gonzalez Monroe

I love being a part of DTM because it is an active, caring community. It’s about more than Tulas. It’s about supporting other moms through the unique and wonderful journey of motherhood.
-Amy Blomenberg

Thank you for your heart, passion, and love for supporting babywearing caregivers, Denver Tula Mamas! We are thrilled to be able to share the beautiful things you are doing for your community! #tulabuildscommunities

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