Dreamer - Chicibeanz + Apple Blossom Collaboration

Our Signature Collection allows us to work with talented weavers and companies that we admire in the babywearing world. We get the opportunity to showcase gorgeous textile artwork and support smaller businesses that share the same goals as we do: promoting bonding with high quality, carefully crafted items. Our newest Signature collaboration was born from connecting two incredible women that we thought could create something straight from dreams...and we were absolutely right! 

"Dreamer" was designed and weft dyed by Chicibeanz Handwoven and woven by Apple Blossom Wovens. This is the first time that Chicbeanz and Apple Blossom have collaborated on a woven wrap and we are so excited to release Dreamer as Signature Carriers (in our Free-To-Grow, Standard, Toddler, and Preschool carrier styles) and Hip Pouches. Dreamer has a Kaleidoscope weave with of cascading flow of bright pinks, purples, greens, and blues. There will be 4 wefts of this beautiful fabric, but for the first release, we will include three: royal, black, and natural. We will, at a later date, have the 4th weft for release, which is a weft that was hand-dyed by Chicibeanz Handwoven. 

The first release of Dreamer will be Friday, March 27th at 7 AM PDT under our Signature Collection.

As we prepare for this exciting release, we wanted to share a little bit about Chicibeanz Handwoven and Apple Blossoms Wovens directly from the women behind each brand. Echo, of Chicbeanz, and Lisa, of Apple Blossom Wovens, tell us about their brands and share their thoughts on working together. 

About Apple Blossom Wovens:

Apple Blossom Wovens, LLC (ABWovens) is a small, woman-owned and family-run business based in Columbus, Ohio. All of their fabrics are woven by small, family-owned mills to support the textile industry in the United States. 

Lisa, the owner of Apple Blossom Wovens, was first introduced to babywearing during her first pregnancy in 2008. When Lisa discovered woven wraps, with her third child, she quickly fell in love with the beautiful gradient designs of handwoven wraps. Lisa first planned to begin offering custom handwoven wraps but, after a suggestion from her husband one evening, she began to pursue the idea of working with a textile mill to offer the same quality of wraps but at a more affordable price. 

From Lisa: About working on this with Chicibeanz to Create Dreamer

"Over a year ago, Baby Tula and Apple Blossom Wovens began discussing the possibility of an exclusive collaboration with Chicibeanz, a weaver whose hand-dyed, handwoven wraps and wrap conversion carriers are highly desired in the babywearing community. After much discussion and planning, we are so excited that "Dreamer" is finally ready to snuggle some babies!

The warp layout was designed thread-by-thread by Echo, the talented weaver behind Chicibeanz Handwoven. That design was then sent to our mill where our weaver wove this fabric up with a kaleidoscope weave. While the warp was created with the luxurious Brassard cotton yarns we always use for our Signature Line runs, there were two separate batches of weft yarns: Echo hand-dyed several different fiber blends to run as the weft for some of the fabric, and some of the fabric was woven with the standard Brassard yarns as the weft."

About Chicibeanz Handwoven:



Echo is the owner and weaver for Chicibeanz Handwoven. Her studio, where Echo designs and hand weaves her pieces, is located in Alberta, Canada. Every step of crafting Chicibeanz' handwoven wraps is done by hand, literally turning threads into intricate, artistic fabric.


In 2014, Echo was involved in the babywearing community and actively wearing her 4th child on a daily basis. She became fascinated with handwoven wraps and she bought her first four-shaft loom. At that time, handwoven wraps were extremely hard to come by and it made sense to try them out as a new product for her business. Instantly they took off with her first sales made to her local babywearing group. Since then weaving, dyeing, and sewing have transformed into so much more than a hobby or a job. It's a community.  

From Echo, on working with Apple Blossom Wovens:

"Over a year ago, Baby Tula approached Chicibeanz handwoven about the possibility of an Apple Blossom Wovens collaboration, suggesting I design an exclusive run to be woven by ABWovens. ABWovens is a beautiful company with an absolutely amazing, and gracious owner behind it. They use the same high-quality yarns as my past cotton grads, and since I have moved to only dyeing my warps now it seemed like a match made in heaven, as I love grad designs still so much. ABWovens uses a fantastic American mill to weave their wraps. I am in awe of the millwork and the quality is absolutely amazing. After much discussion and planning, we are so excited that "Dreamer" has finally turned from a dream, into reality, ready for some snuggles!"

 We are so incredibly honored to bring these two creative women and business owners together to create something so special for our communities. We are in complete awe over Dreamer and can't wait to see these beautiful Signature carriers in your hands soon! 



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