Finding Joy During the Coronavirus Crisis

While we’re in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, there doesn't seem to be much to be happy about. But for our family's sake, and our own, it’s important to try and find joy where we can. Especially if we have stable health and job security! As we adjust to our current not-so-normal, we wanted to share five simple tips and reminders that can help parents get through the day with moments of joy. 

1. Remember that Nothing is Normal 

It is safe to say that the circumstances we have found ourselves in are not at all normal or commonplace. So, while some structure or schedule to the day is helpful for your children it’s totally okay for things to be out of the ordinary. There are a lot of unknowns out there and it is very understandable if you can’t go on as you usually do. Show yourself forgiveness, be gentle with setting expectations, and learn to let things go. 

 During this time, take advantage of things that are comforting to you and your little ones as they can help deal with the uncertainty or fears you’re experiencing. Right now, cuddles under a Tula blanket or in a baby carrier can really provide a mood boost. 

2. Get Accurate Information

While social media is filled with chatter about Coronavirus, it can be overwhelming to keep up with how others are reacting to the crisis. For some perspective and a better understanding of our situation, you might find it helpful to get accurate information. Getting evidence-based information for your questions, guidelines for your area, and what you can do personally may provide you with a clearer picture. Here are a few ideal places to go for accurate information: 

  • Both the WHO and CDC websites have the most current national guidelines and frequently asked questions related to the coronavirus.   
  • Your local city or state health agency will include guidelines and COVID-19 updates that are specific to your area. (TIP: Google your city, county, or state name and the keywords “COVID-19 updates to find this resource.)
  •  Finally, a useful resource in a familiar place is the Instagram account of journalist, Jessica Yellin. Jessica takes current news and provides explanations, updates, and interviews that make help you make sense of what’s happening.

3. Take Breaks (and Get Outside) 

While we think it’s important to stay informed, we also understand how important it is to take breaks from the constant conversation that’s happening. Throughout your day taking multiple opportunities to reset and not allow the news or job and family responsibilities to overwhelm you. 

Getting outside for a walk can be made easier with a baby carrier and is a wonderful remedy to remind you to stay calm. Other options may be to listen to music, meditate, or just set times of the days when you shut off your phone.

4. Help Is Out There

While we are isolated in our homes, we must remember that there is help out there. Many individuals and organizations are eager to help. Perhaps even in your circle of friends, family, and coworkers, there are people you can reach out to provide support big and small. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it (especially if you’re a new parent). There are resources that can help you with a variety of things. 

One amazing resource is the website, While At Home. This site has gathered important information related to a range of things from what to do if you are recently unemployed to online storytimes for kids. 

If there isn’t something that you need, perhaps finding a way to help someone or something will help to make you feel like you’re contributing to your community. Here are some ideas on how you can help: 

Make Time to Laugh Everyday

If you are going to plan anything during this pandemic, be sure to make time to laugh. Creating silly memories with your older children or making your baby smile can be a short distraction and a giant relief from our day-to-day worries. Along with the emotional benefits, a few minutes of laughter boosts your immunity. 

Some ways that are sure to make you smile: 

  • Tune in to Ryan Heffington’s Live Instagram Dance Classes and move your body. Doing this along with your children, or baby in your Tula is a way to spread that joy. 
  • Follow #TulaFunnies and look back at our past relatable parenting jokes under this hashtag for a giggle. 
  • Watch a funny movie with your kids while enjoying popcorn. Every night of #stayathome can be movie night! 

We hope this information helps you to find joy during this very difficult time. If you have something that is really helping you to stay happy, share them with us.  

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