From Indonesia with Love: Behind Tula’s Beautiful Batiks

At Baby Tula, we are proud to make comfortable products of the highest quality. And because every Tula is made by hand, we are excited to announce our new batik line, which includes hand dyed fabrics through our partnership with Michael Miller!

Batik is the traditional textile art form of Indonesia and is a very specialized process.  As a company whose focus is on community and family, we wanted to make sure that we were supporting authentic artisans from Indonesia, and also working with someone who operates under fair trade conditions to make these beautiful fabrics.

The people behind the process! We love these snapshots from the artisans in Solo, Indonesia where these fabrics are made.


Batik printing can take a very long time, as the dye process is affected by the monsoon and rainy seasons in the South Pacific. The first step is to take the artist’s design concept and convert it into a copper design block.  Once the block has been made, the cotton fabrics are stamped by hand with wax, which seals the design patterns in the fabric. Next, the selected colors of dye are applied carefully to the hand-bunched fabric. Additional colors are added to create a rich layering of hues.  Once the dye process is complete, these stunning colors and wax imprints come together to create the unique designs for which batik is famous. The fabrics are then hung to dry, inspected, and finally packed for their long voyage overseas. These beautiful fabrics are then handmade into Tulas, and will soon be ready for you!


We are thrilled to be able to offer these beautiful designs in Tula form and hope that you love our new batik print Tulas as much as we do!


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