Giving Tuesday

Baby Tula is all about empowering individual parenting journeys through products that are easy-to-use and expressive. We embrace that there is no one way to parent and strive to enable the connections that feel right with carriers that are distinctly you

We are so passionate about being and creating a community that is empowered to support the well-being of all families through pregnancy and birth education; maternal health advocacy; strengthening the parent-baby bond and creation of an inspired, welcoming and community-focused future.

On this Giving Tuesday we have partnered with an AMAZING organization that fits perfectly with our vision of creating empowered communities and supported families. We’ve contributed to Chamber of Mothers to support them this Giving Tuesday and we want to encourage you to do the same!

Chamber of Mothers

On the 2021 night that paid leave was cut from the legislative agenda,  a 501c(3) non-profit was founded by and for moms. Chamber of Mothers is modeled after some of the biggest coalitions in the U.S. including the Chamber of Commerce and AARP.

With a reach of over 4 million monthly, Chamber of Mothers expertly champions the work of existing advocacy groups; educates mothers about the personal impact of politics; and encourages women to use their voices, dollars, and power to hold lawmakers accountable for the nexus of failed or nonexistent support systems for mothers.

Through grassroots movements, local chapters, strategic communication, and community-building, Chamber of Mothers unites mothers as advocates to create the country we want to live in and bestow upon future generations.

Chamber of Mothers is an all-volunteer effort, built and run while operating businesses, feeding babies, folding laundry, and doing the carework that fuels the U.S. economy.

Learn more about Chamber of Mothers.

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