Grow with Care: Tula Baby Blankets

 Our line of Tula Baby Blankets has been a wonderful addition to the baby essentials we can offer families. We love that our blankets have allowed families to cuddle their babies with a high quality, stylish product! Our blankets have been so well received by our community that we have been unable to keep up with the excitement at our current production levels, and are so happy to confirm that after months of research, we have made exciting progress in expanding our production of Tula Baby Blankets.

Baby Tula has always held a strong commitment to quality, safety, creativity and strong company ethics when looking for production facilities for our entire line of products. When considering ways to expand the production of our blankets, we knew that these core values were our first priority, and yet we knew that our current production facility highlighted here could not produce many more blankets. While remaining dedicated to this facility, we are excited to expand our blanket production with the addition of another wonderful mill in Turkey. With this addition, we will be able to host more frequent releases and work towards producing larger quantities in the near future.

This mill has been specifically focused on creating a variety of high quality baby textiles and products for over 11 years. Their innovative techniques and passion for high quality ensured us that they are able to help us expand our offering of Tula Baby Blankets in beautiful prints and supreme comfort. While using the exact same 100% Bamboo Viscose materials, they use a unique finishing process that offers a silky, sleek feel perfect for summer.

As a company who cares tremendously about the love and care given to each item, we were also happy to learn that the Turkish mill dedicates special attention to creating a comfortable, positive work environment for each of its employees. Outdoor tea breaks and lunch times are regularly enjoyed, along with special activities and social events that help sustain a united, motivated team.

Our ultimate goal is to provide more high quality baby blankets for families to enjoy, and we are so happy that we could add another mill that upholds our superior standards. It’s with each small action done with care and love that we are able to expand in a sustainable way that celebrates the beauty and affection we share with our community. Look for more of our Tula Baby Blankets to release soon in fabulous new designs.

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