Growth with Tula: Quality and Sustainable Production

As we continue to grow and focus on innovative solutions for families, we are continually seeking new partners that help us strengthen our production process. Once the concept of the Free-to-Grow Baby Carrier was finalized, we identified a production facility that shared our commitment to quality, social responsibility, community, and most importantly: families!

 We are proud to bring on a new production facility in India, to support our production capabilities in Poland. Our new partner is a recognized leader for their production capabilities and specifically baby carrier expertise, including nine years as a trusted partner for our parent company, Ergobaby.

 Beyond their proven quality standards, we are pleased to leverage a partner who is certified (and set the standard) for social compliance. We have seen first-hand the excellent facility and were met with warmth and kindness when some of our team visited India.

As part of our visit, our Director of Operations, Kamil, planted a tree. This is part of a long tradition that the production facility has with each of their partners. You can also see Yassin, from Ergobaby, visiting the tree he planted during a previous visit. Being able to see the facility and learn about how they contribute to their community was very inspiring.

As a company with a female founder and leader, we were happy to learn of our partner’s commitment to women, offering training and development programs specifically designed to promote women’s empowerment within their 95% female staff.

Just like Baby Tula, our new production partner shares a strong commitment to the community. In addition to working with local NGOs to give back, our partner has also led initiatives to install solar panels and water treatment systems to help advance the community towards renewable energy and sustainable business practices.

We are very proud to be working with this team that embodies many of our own values and to be expanding the Tula Love around the world. As you receive your new Free-to-Grow carriers, we hope you’ll take the time to appreciate the craftsmanship and care expressed through our new partners, and help us recognize how this opportunity helps us support our mission of promoting babywearing worldwide.

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