Holiday Travel with Nena + Co and Baby Tula

Moonlight Orchid Tula Signature x Nena & Co

During the holidays, your family may be traveling near and far to celebrate the season. But those family vacations and holiday travel doesn't have to be a stressful occasion.

We've teamed up with Nena + Co to share tips and solutions for all your traveling needs. It turns out. Nena and Tula make beautiful travel companions. Our newest Nena & Co collaboration included two beautiful weaving patterns, Moonlight Orchid and Almendra which are available now.  

Travel Tips From Baby Tula

While adventuring as a family makes for beautiful memories, nothing makes you feel more like you need an extra set of hands than traveling with small children. Because of that, family travel was part of the inspiration behind Baby Tula's start back in 2009. Whether it's navigating an airport efficiently, being able to nurse on the go, or just keeping your toddler feeling safe, a Tula or two should be at the top of your packing list.

Baby and toddler wearing in a Tula baby carrier can often take you more places where a stroller or little legs cannot. When your baby is carried you can go for a hike, hop on and off trains, free up your arms to walk down to a small beach. It's makes sightseeing and other itinerary items a breeze!  

On Our Packing List: Tula Lite, Explore Baby Carrier, A Mini Tula + Ring Slings

Travel in Style: Tula Explore

The name says it all. The Explore Baby Carrier was designed for everyday adventures with your little one. 
Nena & Co Woven Explore Baby Carrier Almendra
The Explore offers a world-facing position so that baby takes in the same breathtaking views as you do on your next trip. Your baby's adorable cheeks facing out make the perfect addition to your vacation selfies. It's also the best seat in the house for family photos. 

Of course, the Tula Explore also offers a heart-to-heart and back carry position too! You will want baby to face you during early infancy until they fit in the carrier properly in the world-facing position and any time they are drowsy or sleepy at any age. The Explore baby carrier is also nursing-friendly so that body-feeding parents can feed baby where ever your travels take you. 

The Tula Explore offers three seat width settings and two panel height adjustments to fit babies from 7-45lbs! It is available in linen, all-cotton, coast (mesh), hemp, and woven signature designs. There is an Explore or two to fit everyone's personal style! 

Shop the latest Tula Signature x Nena & Co collection 

For the Plane Ride: Ring Sling

Ask many avid babywearers to travel with just one carrier, and you will see them sweat! Just like you likely have different shoes for different occasions, you may enjoy the features of a different way to carry too. While you can certainly use your Tula buckle carrier on a flight, having a ring sling that is just a single layer of fabric that just slips over your head has its perks for air travel! 

Here are some reasons you should add a ring sling to your packing list. 

  • Without a waistband, a ring sling is very comfortable for sitting. Of course, we sit on the plane or train, but there is also likely lots of sitting in waiting areas. 
  • There are no buckles to reach when putting the carrier on in the air. Flight staff typically asks you to remove your carrier for take-off and landing. You may want to snuggle back up after that quickly. 
  • A ring sling is arguably the easiest carrier to feed a young infant. You can loosen the sling and do a semi-reclined "checkmark" position for your baby. The tail of the sling can be used to cover the top of your chest, too, for privacy. 
  • You can fold up your ring sling to fit in your diaper bag and be ready for a baby when they need it. 

Not entirely air-travel-related, but if your destination involves an opportunity to get dressed up, a ring sling is often a flattering addition to a formal ensemble.

Olive Leopard Ring Sling

On the Go: Tula Lite

The Tula Lite is our compact carrier with some unique features to make it especially great for travel.

The first thing you will notice right away is that it offers a large amount of storage for your personal belongings and can also be rolled away into its own hip pouch! Your hip pouch easily holds your ID, sanitizer, phone, diaper, and snack.

The Tula Lite's unique construction out of Ripstop material makes it quick-drying durable, and perhaps your surprise...really comfy! We see families enjoy this carrier in every climate. You can start your journey with Tula Lite when your baby is at least 12 pounds. 

Don't forget your favorite stuffy: Tula Mini 

Keeping track of a comforting toy from home can be a part-time job on a trip. Ask a parent it's happened to; nothing is worse than losing a special stuffed toy. They are shockingly hard to replace!

A Tula Mini can be a big help with keeping those extra family members safe. It may also comfort your little one in a new environment. As a bonus, there is nothing cuter than a babywearing baby. Be sure to snap lots of photos for the scrapbook.

Nena & Co Mini Tula

Learn more about Tula and Nena's relationship with the artisans that hand-weave this textile art. 

Accessories make it easy: Nena & Co.

All travel requires packing. Packing your day bag in a way that brings you joy is up to you! Nena & Co. specializes in thoughtfully designed and ethically produced accessories that you will love carrying. On their website, you can find matching items to coordinate with your Nena & Co Tula carrier. While the babywearing years are short, you will have a lasting memory of your special carrier when you carry the matching accessories for years to come.

Nena & Co wet bags and pouches

Shop the latest from Baby Tula x Nena & Co collection to travel in style this holiday season. If Tula is a part of your holiday travel plans, we would love to hear about it! Please tag @babytula in your posts and stories.
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