How long can I use my Standard Tula Baby Carrier?

How Long Will My Standard Tula Last?

Do you have a Standard Tula Baby Carrier? Are you wondering if or when you should transition to a Baby Tula Toddler Carrier? Our Standard Tula Baby Carrier has a recommended weight range from 15-45 pounds and can be used in front and back carry. While our Baby Tula Toddler Carrier has a recommended weight range of 25-60 pounds, that does not mean that you must start using it when baby reaches 25 pounds. You should be able to enjoy the Standard Tula Baby Carrier into toddlerhood, but should consider transitioning to the Toddler Carrier if you and/or baby are no longer comfortable in the Standard. To help guide you through this, we had our good friend, Mat York, aka That Dad Mat, share his advice on how to get the full use out of your standard baby carrier (from 15-45 pounds) and when to consider transitioning to a Baby Tula Toddler Carrier.

Here are some of Mat’s helpful tips to get the most use out of your Standard Tula Baby Carrier:

  1. The top of the carrier should be at least at the top of the shoulder blades of baby/toddler
  2. Until at least 1-year-old, the panel width of the carrier should reach knee-to-knee
  3. Baby/toddler’s legs should always be in the M-shape position with knees higher than bum
  4. If you’re broader in the shoulders, you can let your PFAs (perfect fit adjusters) out to have the padded straps fit comfortably on your shoulders
  5. The most important thing is for wearer and baby to be comfortable while using the carrier

Baby Tula also offers complimentary Video Fit Checks if you have ANY fit/adjustment questions regarding your carrier!

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