How to Tie Your Tula Torba Handbag

How to Tie Your Tula Torba Handbag

One of the best features of our Tula Torba handbags are the tie straps. We’ve seen a lot of great options for tying Tula Torba Handbags, whether just a basic knot or a fancy adjustable slip knot! Today, we wanted to share how to tie two adjustable knots in your Torba straps so you can wear it as a long crossbody or as a short shoulder purse.

Step 1

Start with your Torba straps laid out flat

Step 2

Fold each strap in half with the print on the outside

Step 3

Fold the left flap perpendicularly under the right flap with about 8-12 inches sticking out

Step 4

Take the bottom strap and fold it back over the top of the right strap

Step 5

Bring that folded over strap behind the right strap

Step 6

Tuck the remaining strap down into the wrapped part to create a knot

Step 7

Now take the right strap and fold it over the top of the other strap

Step 8

Fold that same strap under the other and out the top

Step 9

Bring that strap back over the top of where the straps intersect

Step 10

Bring the remaining part of the strap into the loop to create a knot

Step 11

You now have both adjustable knots in a short strap setting

Step 12

You can adjust the straps by pulling the knots towards the center to get a longer purse strap

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