Inspired by Memories of Poland, Past and Present

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Our Tula woven, Lalka, was inspired by intricate adornments seen throughout Poland.

Traveling to new and exciting places has always been a special interest of Ula’s, but a connection to the landscape and culture of Poland, where Ula was born, is truly close to her heart. Baby Tula was founded in Poland and it is still a production headquarter, with a close-knit team of employees, for the company. More importantly, Poland is a second home and a place that Ula and her family visit regularly. A portion of their visits are focused on connecting with our Poland team, but the time spent there also serves as inspiration for future designs and projects. For some of our upcoming Baby Tula Woven Wraps, Ula shared items and photos that inspired their designs which speak to the beauty of Poland.

The process of creating a woven wrap, from idea to completed wrap, requires a lot of time and focused energy. We have previously shared the process of creating a Tula woven wrap, but with the upcoming releases of ‘Lalka’, ‘Lubniki’, and ‘Kaleidoscope’ we wanted to share a bit of how the idea of these wraps were born. Each of these designs were an evolution of memories from Poland, new and old, shared with our creative team while Ula visited and remembered her native country.

While enjoying time in Poland, Ula snapped photos and shared stories with our creative team that would later be interpreted into designs. Looking at old photos or just enjoying a cup of coffee became instances for inspiration. Below are some of the photos she snapped; beloved items that provided inspiration, and samples of the designs in process.

The city of Lubniki (pictured above) is where Ula’s grandfather once lived. She remembers it fondly and often returns to visit. Also seen here are color samples compared to what will become ‘Lubniki Lake’ as well as snapshots of textures, shapes, and patterns that were shared with our creative team and inspired upcoming wovens.

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