International Babywearing Week 2015: Embrace Your World


As mothers, our world is not often picture perfect. It’s chaotic, full of emotion, and messy. It may not include fantastical adventures or picturesque destinations. It’s real. And that’s okay, because we are present with our children. We are doing the best we can. And we embrace this life of ours, this world we’ve created for ourselves, for our children, for our families.

To celebrate International Babywearing Week and this year’s theme “Embrace Your World”, we are highlighting seven moms in their own homes. Whether they are preparing lunch, folding laundry, or stacking blocks with their toddler, these moms have embraced babywearing, embraced their families, embraced their world.

#embracemomlife #IBW2015 #embraceyourworld #embraceyourfamily #embraceyourself #embraceyourdayStay tuned to Baby Tula on Facebook and Instagram this week to follow this series and read how these amazing moms embrace mom life. We will also have some fun giveaways and other surprises in store. Happy International Babywearing Week!

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