Introducing Tula Kids Backpacks!

Introducing Tula Kids Backpacks!

It’s no secret that the time of holding a small baby is precious and fleeting. It may take a bit of time, or perhaps you’re surprised by what seems like an overnight growth spurt, but small babies can quickly become so big. As parents, we are seeing our first “Tula babies” growing up. They are beginning to explore the world more independently, and some are even heading to school. It’s a bittersweet time because we know that as they grow, and the space between us becomes wider, we stay close and keep doing what we love together!

Our own growing “Tula babies” inspired us to seek out how we might continue on our Tula journeys and celebrate the things we enjoy most about our products…reimagined for an older child. We’ve created an adorable new line of Kids Backpacks that lets the Tula Love continue as your child heads off on their own special adventures.

The Tula Kids Backpack is produced with high-quality, water-resistant fabric and a nostalgic, European design that perfectly combines essential functions with an ultra-charming style. Our first collection includes five favorite Tula designs that have appeared on other Tula items.

Tula Kids Backpacks are absolute love because of their:

  • limited and trendsetting designs.
  • comfortable padded, adjustable shoulder straps and sliding chest clip.
  • high-quality, easy cleaning 100% polyester fabric.
  • great size for toddlerhood and beyond. (Backpacks measure 4″ deep, 9″ high and 12″ wide).
  • plenty of items fit with two extra storage pockets on the front of the backpack and a stretchy interior pocket is integrated within the main compartment.
  • easy-to-use magnetic closures, perfect for little hands.
  • interior name tag for personalization.
  • handle on the top that allows for easy holding by grown ups and children.

Take a closer look at Blossom, Play, Rainbow Showers, Stickers and Stamps:

Blossom symbolizes the quickly growing and delicate beauty of a tiny baby. Bouquets of soft pink flowers are displayed amongst sprinkled dots on a navy background.

Play celebrates how babies express joy and happiness giving us their first laugh. A repeating design of tiny white hearts flutter across a mustard yellow background.

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue! We have plenty of love for you! We express our love for rainbows with Rainbow Showers which has an illustration like design of rainbows and clouds on a light blue background.

Be a kid again and express yourself! Stamps is a rocking hip design filled with all sorts of fun things like race cars, lightning bolts, dinosaurs, emoticons, rocket ships, and more; on a dark stone gray background.

Stickers helps you shout out what you adore with is extra cutesy design. All things you love like: Unicorns, donuts, hearts, flamingos, and sunnies are scattered across a pop of bright pink!

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