Keep doing what you love.

First of all – HERE’S TO YOU!!! Whether you are reading this blog or not reading this blog, whether you own 26 Tulas or are expecting your first baby and have a hand-me-down carrier or sling from a family down the block, we want to give you a huge round of applause… by wearing your baby, you are giving your baby an immeasurable gift! Babies that are worn are healthier, cry less, become independent faster, learn more, are happier, and sleep better, among many benefits to you, the caregiver.  We believe that it is important to find the fit that works best for your family, and that your recipe for babywearing may “taste” a little bit different than someone else’s.  We are thrilled to encourage and support education and community building to spread the word about babywearing in all forms, and are doing all we can to provide a variety of options that can fit your child during various stages and developmental needs, from ring slings to ergonomic baby and toddler carriers, to woven wraps, to our accessories.

We want to start by saying that since its inception, Tula Baby Carriers has been founded with one thing in mind – that you can carry your baby close to your heart while you keep doing what you love.  From our humble beginnings in 2009 (read more here) to the tremendous growth of the last couple of years, we have been so humbled and so thankful for the immense support for and trust in our products.

Although we are very happy to see Tula’s popularity grow so much, this growth does not come without challenges. While, offering a variety of prints is something we take a lot of pride in, it results in smaller runs of each print being offered, and we have seen overwhelming response to a number of our recent newer prints. Although some of our long-term favorites remain stocked regularly, this unprecedented series of “selling out quickly” prints tells us that we need to continue to grow and adapt.

However, the bottom line is that all Baby Tula products are handmade. The quality of our carriers is the utmost priority, and is something that will not change. We are passionate about the incredible attention to detail that is paid to each of our products by our Tula seamstresses, employed by Tula and working exceptionally hard to produce the most beautiful, comfortable, stylish and safe products possible.   It is important to us that we grow in a way that will allow us to continue to provide the highest quality carrier and the best customer service possible.  We will not compromise the quality in order to increase quantity quickly – the quality of service and product is nonnegotiable, and as we continue to adapt to the increased demand, we thank you for your patience and for your continued support of Tula Baby Carriers.

Please contact us with any questions at and know we are always listening and always working to respond to your concerns.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.  We are so grateful for you!

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