One Last Exclusive with Abby's Lane

From our early days as a small home run business to now, our relationships with hardworking retailers and makers has made Baby Tula more distinct and vibrant. Encouraging each other with our shared passion of helping families do what they love, with products they cherished, helped us to be thoughtful and bold in the items we created. We strived to reach for the stars and were catapulted into dazzling galaxies in large part because of the love and support of people like Stephanie and Phil of Abby’s Lane.

 In 2014, after just a few months of working together, Abby’s Lane took the giant leap of faith with us to release our first exclusive Tula print and begin a series of unique Abby’s Lane exclusive Tula Carriers. Since then, we have released well over 50 Abby's Lane exclusive Tula Carriers and Blankets. Many held special meaning to Stephanie and the community of Tula and Abby’s Lane fans. Some named after Stepanie and Phil's children; some representing stories or themes that we loved, and other raising awareness to special causes and charities.

Although bittersweet, it seems fitting that our last Abby’s Lane exclusive is a Tula blanket design that pays homage to the uncharted and countless bright stars in the cosmos…so bold, so beautiful, and still full of endless discoveries.


We will be releasing “Cosmos” on Monday December 17th, as Tula baby blankets and Cuddle Me blankets, at 10 AM PST on In honor of Abby's Lane's ongoing commitment to giving back, a portion of proceeds from "Cosmos" will be benefitting Comfort Cases.


This charity, which was selected by Stephanie of Abby's Lane, provides bags filled with essentials to youth in the foster care system to help navigate the complex journey ahead of them. To learn more about Comfort Cases, you can head to their website:

 We wanted to celebrate the magnificent exclusive collection we’ve created with Abby Lane’s, so we thought we would share some of our favorite and most memorable Abby’s Lane exclusives.

Oliver: Our first Abby's Lane exclusive released in April 2014

Oliver Tula Abby's Lane

Crabby Abby

Crabby Abby Tula



Camille Tula Abby's Lane



Allister Tula Abby's Lane

Keeghan's Sky

Keeghan Sky's


Lucy's Garden

Lucy's Garden Tula


Sebastian Tula



Jax Tula Abby's Lane



S'mores Tula Abby's Lane


Hero Tula Abby's Lane

Starstruck  Carrier and Blanket 

I Heart You

I heart You Tula Abby's Lane

Fly Away Home

Fly Away Home Tula Abby's Lane


Harry Potter Tula



Muchness Tula



Thank you for bringing so much care and joy to the Tula world, Abby's Lane! 

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