Love What You Do: Ambyr

This blog post is part of our "Love What You Do" series where we shine a light on the extraordinary things that YOU do in the parenting community. In this series, we interview the people behind exciting projects or beneficial services that help families in the postpartum or early phases of parenting. We hope by highlighting these people and their projects, you'll be able to expand your circle of support and learn important things as you and baby grow. 

In this "Love What You Do" blog, we chatted with Ambyr Amen-Ra. We first met Ambyr at a MommyCon event, where she was sharing her cloth diapering knowledge and leading a powerful support circle for families who had experienced a loss. Ambyr's joy for dance and openness to share her experiences as a mother made it so easy to feel connected with her. We love what Ambyr does including her upcoming plans to share the benefits and ease of reusable products to people in her community. Read on to learn more about Ambyr!

BABY TULA: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? 

AMBYR: I love all things music, dance, travel, and baby related. It's a random mixture - but I'm kind of random and I love that about myself. I didn't always, I kind of thought I was weird and didn't fit in - but midway through high-school - I completely embraced my odd. Now, at 37 - you can't tell me NUTHIN. I'm a loc wearing, baby making, toddler raising, full-time working, part-time dancing, cloth diaper washing, baby wearing, after-school homeschooling, continent-hopping, loud talking,  political statement making unapologetic woman and wife. I also love Cabernet.

BT: What makes your classes and services unique?

A: I just talk about my experiences. Its the fact that I’m a parenting expert purely because of trial by fire that makes my advice really.

BT: What motivated you to speak and share your knowledge around pregnancy/infant loss, cloth diapering and other related topics?

A: Life has motivated me to do what I do. When I lost my baby, I needed to talk about it. When I cloth diapered my babies, I wanted to share what I had learned. It’s the same for babywearing and baby led weaning… the whole experience.

BT: What have you learned from the work that you do?

A: I have learned that moms just want to talk to other moms. At the end of the day - we just want to know we aren’t alone. We want to know that we aren’t aliens. Everything we feel, experience, doubt, win… it’s the same for other mamas. We’re completely normal.

BT: You do quite a bit of work with families going a lot of different experiences. Do you have any tips for them?

A: To the moms who have lost babies, it will get better. I promise. Until then, feel those feelings, Mama. There is no way around the pain, only through it. If you need help navigating your emotions, reach out to someone. Me. A counselor, your doctor, a doula, your pastor, someone.

To the parents questioning the use of cloth - just try it. Start small and develop a routine. If you find one diaper that works, stick to that one. If you find that they all work, build an interesting stash. There are few rules other than find the proper fit, change regularly, use cloth safe cream and make sure your detergent is getting your diapers clean. Reusables are good for the earth we’re gonna leave our little people.

To the breastfeeding mamas, keep going. Find a support system and feed that baby wherever you feel comfortable.

To the babywearers, wear them. Babies always feel better when they can feel your heartbeat. Babywearing can ease teething, sickness, nightmares and general malaise. :-) Seriously, have you ever felt better than when someone gave you a huge hug? No? Well, that’s what babywearing feels like. It’s no wonder that it works.

To all the Parents - you GOT this!

BT: How can people stay up to date with you and what you are doing?

A: You can find me on Instagram @anurbanma. 

A big thank you to Ambyr for chatting with us and continuing the work that she is doing for her local community and beyond! Stay tuned for more features in our "Love What You Do" series! 

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