National Cuddle Up Day

It’s National Cuddle Up Day and we think that must be a celebration of all things Baby Tula. After all, we are in the business of cuddles! From baby carriers to cuddle me blankets, we certainly believe in the benefits of snuggling up. 

The physiological benefits of a baby/child snuggling into their caregiver in a Tula Carrier or under a Cuddle Me Blanket start with Oxytocin. You will hear Oxytocin referred to as the “love hormone” or “cuddle hormone” for good reason. If oxytocin is the guacamole, you can think of physical touch the chip that delivers it when you cuddle. 

Oxytocin makes us feel safer and more relaxed, which helps keep stress hormones lower. It also helps us bond and feel connected. This of course benefits a child and caregiver in numerous ways. Oxytocin can even help improve immune system function which is always a good thing, but especially with Covid around. 

If Tula is a part of your daily cuddles, we would love for you to tag @BabyTula on Instagram. Happy Cuddle Up Day! 
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