Journey To Parenthood: Christian's Adoption Story

Team Tula has a few families beginning their journey to parenthood. We're excited to get a close look at the different paths that can be taken in becoming a parent. We wanted to explore the diverse journeys happening for our Baby Tula team members to see what commonalities we share and what makes them wonderfully unique. We will periodically be sharing updates throughout their journies.

We want to introduce you to Christian's journey. Christian is our Director of Sales and Marketing and is beginning the adoption process. 

Update #1: The following update was shared in April 2019.

Describe where you are at, currently, in your journey to becoming a parent:

My husband and I started our adoption journey earlier this year. Just recently, momentum has started to pick up as we had our first home study visit and are diligently working through all of our paperwork, courses, background checks, references, etc.

How are you feeling about where you are at, currently?

It’s starting to become very real, which is really exciting for both of us. We’ve talked about starting a family for years and now there’s actually things starting to happen that are bringing that goal so much closer in sight.

What is something you have recently learned?:

SO MUCH… and really excited to keep learning more. There are so many resources and incredible communities that are ready to guide first-timers through this experience.

Reaching out to the Tula community for their insights was really helpful, too!

What are you looking forward to next?:

Outside of the obvious… we’re actually looking forward to the home study process. Yes, there’s an overwhelming amount of steps to the process, but we’re looking forward to the classes and deeper conversations about our parenting philosophies and soon-to-be different lifestyle.

Any questions you want to ask our community now?:

We understand that this process will likely come with a lot of emotions. What are some tips on how to navigate this adventure and process it all?

Favorite piece(s) of advice received so far:

A friend suggested that I start a daily journal documenting the process, but also starting a conversation with our future baby. Then, at 18 we’d turn that journal over to them.

Thank you, Christian! We are looking forward to sharing your next update. 

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