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    There’s a reason linen has been a staple in summer fashion for centuries. As we researched material for Summer-ready baby carriers, linen quickly became our top choice for a new collection. The innate characteristics of linen, made from the flax plant, allows it to be naturally cooling in the warm weather and insulating when the temperature drops. And, of course, a bonus to its benefits is linen's simplistic beauty.

    As we explored the world of linen, we came across LA designer and fashion label, Rachel Pally. In celebration for the Tula Linen collection, we worked with Rachel to dress some of our favorite moms in the effortless style of linen, both in her pieces and in carriers in the collection. We chatted with Rachel to learn more about her brand and how she aspires to dress you for everyday.

    BABY TULA: Can you introduce yourself?

    RACHEL PALLY: My name is Rachel Pally. I live in [Los Angeles] with my husband, Kevin, and our two boys, Tao (8) and Luca (5) and pup Lela.  I started my brand in 2002 with the goal of dressing all women – all ages, all bodies, all stages of life. 

    It has evolved over the years as I have evolved, both as a businesswoman and as a mother. Its a privilege and a joy to be making clothing I love for so many years!  When I’m not designing you can find me doing ceramics, baking, hiking, salsa dancing, playing guitar and adventuring with my family!

    BT: For those not familiar with your brand, already, can you tell us about Rachel Pally?

    RP: My current self-proclaimed tag line is “Everyday, everywhere.” I truly want to make clothing that can be LIVED in, not just worn. RP clothing is not precious – it is wearable, flattering, easy, and can be dressed up and down.

    I want my dresses to take you to the farmer’s market, to the park with your kids, to brunch with girlfriends, on date night, to parties, on vacations, and around the house. I like clothes that can be worn again and again, that you want to mend and wear forever rather than move on from. I want to make fewer, better things, focused on the women who wear them and not fleeting trends. 

    @africanboheme wearing a Tula Linen Sand Explore baby carrier + Rachel Pally's Linen Alice Dress in Hazelnut

    BT: Where do you draw inspiration from, for your clothing line?

    RP: Everywhere! Its been tricky during Covid because my usual sources of inspiration have been closed! Museums, galleries, travel, people-watching.  Having to really turn inward for inspiration rather than outward has been an exciting challenge! Writing morning pages or doing some creative projects at home and getting out into nature help to keep the creative juices flowing!

    BT: Can you share more about your most recent collection?

    RP: I’ve been trying to shift from seasonal drops to monthly drops that feel more weather-appropriate. The traditional fashion calendar is so crazy – Spring in January? Fall in July? This also allows me to make just enough, rather than surplus, which is better for the environment, and for the health of a small business. 

    My most recent collection has pieces out of our signature jersey, our linen blend, cotton gauze and some Indian block prints. I collaborated with my dear friend and photographer Morgan Pansing and model friend Gia Kelsey, and we got to shoot this collection at a family friend’s property and greenhouses in Los Angeles.

    BT: What do you see as the benefits of linen for you as a designer and for those that wear it?

    RP: Its washable, its versatile, its breathable – [the] linen [that Rachel Pally uses] has some rayon in it which helps it to be drapey rather than crunchy, and gives a more feminine look and feel. Its my favorite fabric – I wear it almost every day!

    @thegarciadiaries wearing a Tula Linen Sand Explore baby carrier + Rachel Pally's Linen Troy Jumpsuit in Natural.

    BT: How can people learn more about Rachel Pally?

    You can see our available collection on rachelpally.com and follow @rachelpally on Instagram!

    Thank you so much to Rachel for sharing more about her brand. We think Rachel Pally's dresses and jumpsuits are the perfect pairing with our Linen collection for your daily adventures. See our full linen collection of nature-inspired colors here

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