Retailer Program Update

Today, we shared some news with our valued retailers that we felt was important to share.

From the early days of Baby Tula, the excitement for our products was shared by many families and dedicated specialty retailers. Connecting with other small business, and later larger retailers, allowed families to discover our products, learn the benefits of babywearing, and perhaps get a special exclusive design. But in recent years, we've seen a large shift in how growing families discover and select their favorite products.

Behind the scenes, we have struggled with balancing our growth and broader exposure with our core values of creating high quality, small-batch items for a variety of personalities. Both for sustainable reasons and our own core values and interests, we have met challenges when trying to make more of our products available.

The arrival of Covid-19 created additional hurdles to these existing concerns that have forced us to make very difficult decisions. While we are all still learning what our “new normal” will be, the reality we face right now is that retail has changed and will likely not be the same for quite some time. Many businesses have had to quickly pivot and focus on a growing community of digital shoppers.

This shift has made it necessary to streamline our efforts towards a direct to consumer approach and, therefore, end our retailer wholesale program as of today, Monday, June 1st.

While current and soon to be arriving inventory will still be available, U.S., Canadian, and Mexico retailers will no longer be able to place new wholesale orders for their own online or physical stores.

This news may seem abrupt, but the decision was made after many years of dedicated effort to foster our retailer relationships and a lot of internal changes to determine what is best for us and our community. It was made with a very heavy heart and acknowledgment of the love and attention our retailers have given to Baby Tula throughout the years.

This new streamlined system will allow us to continue providing education, community awareness, and the high-quality baby products that so many of you love. We also plan to continue exploring how we might collaborate with our biggest brand cheerleaders and innovate new ways to connect with families looking for support along the parenting journey.

Please note that all of our products will continue to be available at and through our international partners in Europe, Asia, and Australia. For the ease of universal registries and gift/wish lists, select items will continue to be available at Amazon, as well. To stay up to date with our product offerings and new releases, please join our email newsletter here and follow @babytula on Facebook and Instagram

If you recently purchased or plan to purchase our products from a retailer, all warranties associated with our products will not change. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or need warranty assistance, please email us at with your order information and we will be happy to help.

 As always, we appreciate your feedback and questions on how we can best serve our community. If you have any additional questions or comments not associated with an order, please reach out to us at

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