Woven Baby Wraps into Signature Carriers: How Rainbow Baby carriers are Made

From original idea to cuddles with baby, each Signature carrier is crafted with careful skill and love for the process. We wanted to give you a glimpse into the journey that our woven baby carriers go on. So, we worked with the weavers (and sisters) Cameo and Angel of Meeyoo Handwoven to follow one Signature woven carrier from start to finish. 

Realizing An Idea 

The process first begins with the weaver(s) creating a design for the woven wrap or carrier from their own concepts and inspiration. This initial creative planning is personalized and very different for each weaver. During this first step, they draw inspiration from many places or things; they consider the types of threads they will be working with, and they often consider that part of the finished material will be turned into a Signature Tula Carrier. Some weavers might collaborate with their community or others to develop a woven piece that has a special meaning or artistic expression. 

Thread By Thread, It Comes Together 

Once the final pattern is designed, the weaver will have to begin the process of preparing the threads and loom to hand weave the material. This may include dyeing or painting the thread in a specific way to achieve the desired design once woven. Careful calculations are made to prepare the pattern for the loom and are plotted out. It is at this point that the threads that create the warp of the woven material are placed onto the loom. Many of the weavers we work with describe this as the most tedious step. 

Woven On the Loom by Hand  

Once the thread preparations are completed, the weaver can begin weaving the fabric on the loom by hand. Inch by inch, the loom interlaces the warp threads and the weft threads with each passing of the shuttle. This is when the weaver's artistic vision becomes reality. Depending on the desired length of the material, a weaver may take days or weeks to complete the weaving process. 

The Woven Fabric Heads to Poland  

Once the weaver has finished weaving, they will remove the woven material off the loom and prepare to send it to our Poland factory where we have been converting handwoven fabric into Tula baby carriers since 2012. 

Now Our Seamstresses Work Their Magic  

After weeks of travel and processing through customs, the material arrives at our Poland facility and one of our experienced seamstresses continues the process. With their seasoned eye, they will layout our carrier patterns across the material and cut out the pattern pieces. With the limited amount of fabric that we receive from the handweavers, there is very little room for error.  

Each piece of the carrier is then sewn together by one seamstress taking special care as they combine and secure each component. We value quality and beautiful details, so our seamstresses pay close attention to how the woven material's design comes together on the finished Signature Carrier. 

Prepare For Its Release 

Because many of our Signature carriers are one of kind and made in very limited quantities, we photograph the one carrier made for its listing on our website. The carrier is photographed in a flat lay and carefully packaged in preparation for its next step in the journey. 


Off to Tula HQ In San Diego 

While we begin the process of editing the photos, creating product listings, and other elements necessary for our releases, the handwoven baby carriers are sent to our US offices in San Diego, California. When they arrive, it will be checked in and prepared for sending it to its final home with a loving family.  

Time for a Signature Release 

Our Signature carriers are made available on our website, babytula.com, most often through a small, curated collection and announced releases. For our rarest handwoven carriers, the releases tend to be spaced out throughout the year, dependent on what we are able to create from our collaborations with various weavers. 

Arrives In Your Hands   

Once a Signature carrier is purchased in a release, our San Diego team sends it to you in a keepsake box to arrive at your doorstep. Finally, the special care and love that goes into the creation of a Signature carrier are expressed through your many carrying cuddles. 

Rainbow Baby Gifts 

Embrace the colors of joy with Baby Tula’s Signature Rainbow! Handwoven in small batches by our weaver partners around the world, each carrier is as unique as you and your little one. A celebration of Rainbow Babies, this limited edition collection features a kaleidoscope of bold and beautiful colors, symbolizing the hope, strength, and resilience of families who have walked the journey of loss, grief, and surprising joy. Make every moment a memory moment and cherish your little one closely with a carrier that’s bright, vibrant, and #distinctlyyou. 

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You can watch the process from start to finish in this video: 

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