Signature Day to Night: Tips to feel glam on a night out!

Tis the season to have so many things on our minds! Holiday style can often slide down the list behind hiding the elf, travel plans, and just keeping up with routine work and home life with small children. Most of us are holding it together with dry shampoo and a good Instagram filter, so going from joggers to a cocktail dress can seem like a giant leap. We are often busy getting everyone else's party clothes together when we have not even checked to see if our go-to LBD even still fits. For most people, parenting doesn't leave room for an entire glam squad. We are not all Gisele after all! But, that does not mean you can't spice up your look in a few simple steps if you would like to!

Adding a touch of makeup can contribute to a serious mom glow-up for some of us! Because it's not about how we look, but how we feel, right? So if a bit of color on your lips makes you feel more confident, but you aren't sure where to start, we have you covered!


Here are our simple holiday glow-up tips to go from making snacks to looking like a snack. 

 Assess what you have ahead of time.


1. When was the last time you wore your mascara? Your tube can get dry and carry bacteria. If it's been open longer than three months, ditch it and grab another tube. Do a quick sniff test on your favorite gloss too. They have a longer life but also go bad. 


2. What about attire? If you have been living in nursing tanks and jogging sets, you might want to take a second to go through your closet. If you are bodyfeeding and need to nurse or pump on your night out, a wrap shirt makes it simple and can be found anywhere, not just in the maternity section. If you plan to accessorize, and the baby will be with you, stick with post earrings, and skip dainty necklaces that a baby can pull off of you. 

3. What do you need to style your hair easily? Sometimes that's an appointment with your stylist to get a cut that doesn't require much effort. You can even solicit professional help just with styling! The day before an event, a blow-out (not the diaper kind) can make day-of styling easy peasy! Sleeping with your hair in a silk scarf can help to preserve the style even more. 


4. A beautiful carrier that you love helps keep your baby close and content. We all know that a happy baby who feels safe and secure is the best way to keep a party going smoothly. The new Signature Day to Night Collection has so many beautiful woven luxury textiles. Not only can a carrier help you soothe the baby while you get ready, but it's a fashion statement all on its own. For example, our Snow Leopard ring sling has a slight sparkle that would even complement a black-tie look. The best part is that your Tula can be used daily, unlike a cocktail dress. 

More about makeup

Whether you have an old "going-out" routine that you no longer have time for, or you have never known your way around a makeup brush, these simple tips will help you get ready in a flash! 


1. Start with skincare. A bright and moisturized complexion will make a big difference, and that doesn't have to be done in a time-crunch right before your event. You can do a gentle mask the night before and coat your lips in a soothing balm. The day of, using a lip scrub (you can DIY it) will bring a little natural color to your lips that will show through even in the most minimal gloss. Make sure to moisturize your skin before makeup application and give it a bit of time to soak in. 


2. If you don't have foundation or time to get color matched, a tinted moisturizer is forgiving and easy to apply and purchase. There is less nuance in choosing a shade, and even though the coverage is sheer, it is buildable. You can apply it with your fingers or stipple it on with a flat-top kabuki brush. 


3. Use a light hand with your under-eye concealer. Since becoming a mom, every time I hear the word "conceal," I want to finish it with lyrics from Frozen, but today we are talking about undereye circles. You may have seen the viral "face-lift" concealer hack on TikTok. It turns out gone are the days of bright triangles under the eye. Instead, use just a bit to cover discoloration on the inner ⅓ of the eye. Then tap more on the outer ⅓ to lift the eye. This technique will give a more natural look that compliments a lighter face of makeup. 


4. Covering the discoloration on your eyelids can look just as lovely as fancy eye shadow. You can use your finger and a little concealer to cover any veins on the lids and dust them with a bit of powder. Giving your eye a blank canvas will provide a J-Lo without makeup look. Then, you can smudge a little liner on your lash line, add mascara, and that's it! If you want to elevate the simple look, a little bronzer in your crease or subtle shimmer on your mobile lid is all you need. 

We are fortunate to hear from local makeup artist Lindsey Jones for product recommendations! She shares her personal favorite items for an effortless glam look that you can do this season! 

*Bobbi Brown SKIN foundation

*Anastasia clear brow gel on brows and lashes

*Charlotte Tilbury blush (her personal favorite color is "The Climax")

*Lumify eye drops

*Bobbi Brown lip sheer in "Bare Pink" or for a bolder evening look Ruby Woo by Mac


Lindsey also mentioned that a winged liner adds just the right amount of drama for a holiday event if you are confident with liquid eyeliner. Picture Adele's iconic wing. She almost always looks dressed for a holiday party!  

Follow @lindseymaureenjones on Instagram to hear more product recommendations and for her professional insight on all things beauty and style.

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