Signature Spotlight: Meeyoo Handwovens + Girasol Collaborations


We are honored to once again work with the incredibly creative women of Meeyoo: two sisters, and mothers, that embody the precious bond created by babywearing. Angel and Cameo work from their homes in rural Ohio with 10 children between the two of them. They have shared a passion for babywearing for many years, forming a friendship with Tula’s founder, Ula, during our early years. Their handwoven wraps are known for exquisite quality and gorgeous combinations of colors that express a genuine love for the detailed, slow process of creating a handwoven wrap. 

The recognizable designs used for their handwoven fabric prompted us to ask Angel and Cameo of Meeyoo to create designs to be hand-loomed by the artisans of Girasol. Once woven, they would be converted into Signature Tula carriers. The initial collaboration designs made with Meeeyoo was the first time that we worked with a handweaver to design a woven wrap for our Signature collection.

This collaboration created a more accessible version of Signature carriers that could have the unmistakable aesthetic of Meeyoo Handwoven. Over the years, Meeyoo has created eleven Girasol designs for use in our Signature carriers, with two brand new designs coming very soon! All are quite beautiful and meaningful to us.

 To this today, some of the most celebrated designs are those first designs. So, we have decided to bring back two beloved favorites - originally designed in 2014!


‘Waimea’ and ‘Cameo’ were designed by the textile artist duo, who together worked to combine and transform colorful threads into two distinct, vibrant rainbows. In order to create these designs, Angel and Cameo preferred to work with raw materials in hand rather than digital design programs.

Pencil, paper, markers, yarn, and snips of fabric were their preferred tools that helped the tactile artists create the original colorways. Once the designs were finished, many hours were spent creating spreadsheets that put every single thread in order from 1 to 1307! Girasol then used the spreadsheets as a map to guide them in threading their looms and weaving the fabric.

The meticulous process yields such incredible results and we could not be happier to offer Waimea and Cameo again in our Signature Collection. Limited edition releases occur every other Wednesday at 6 pm PT. Sign up for a text alert to be notified as to when our next release goes live. 
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