Signature Weaver Spotlight: Nahui Coconi


We are delighted to feature our newest Signature partner, Nahui Coconi. The first of their beautiful designs will be part of our next limited-edition Signature release happening on Wednesday at 6 PM PT.

Like many of the companies and textile weavers we collaborate with, for the Signature Collection, Nahui Coconi is a women-led small business driven by a strong passion and love for babywearing.  We are delighted to share their stories and showcase their textile artistry and intricate work through the Signature collection.


Nahui Coconi arose from a desire to create a Mexican brand that meets the highest textile quality standards for woven baby wraps. Nahui Coconi is run by 4 women who are mothers and babywearing consultants: Alejandra Collaz, Elizabeth Cortes, Mayra Padilla, and Paola Delgado. They have promoted the practice of babywearing in an educational, loving, and respectful approach for more than 4 years of personal and professional experience.

From friendship and a common connection, these 4 women founded Nahui Coconi in 2019. The idea to start the company began from the necessity of a brand that impacts within their country, Mexico, but that is able to cross borders and carry it worldwide. 

The owners of Nahui Coconi not only share an interest in babywearing, they consider themselves a bonded sorority supporting each other through individual and group growth. Forming the company has led them to believe more in themselves. Each feels empowered to combine qualities from each one of them to make this brand truly one-of-a-kind. They value each and every one of the attributes that make up this textile project; in particular, the handmade artisan work that creates unrepeatable crafts.


Without a doubt, something that distinguishes Nahui Coconi from the rest of the handwoven brands is the creative, innovative, ancestral, and artisanal part that we highlight in each of our collections. They work directly with artisans residing in Oaxaca, Mexico; whose wooden looms give life to precious, unique, and incomparable fabrics. For the NC owners, it is essential to work with these artisans that have more than 20 years of experience in textiles. 

For their creations, Nahui Coconi uses a special loom mounted at a double-width, for which a total of 2100 threads make up the skeleton of the main base for weaving. The weaving technique used is called "full account" and double review, which guarantees that the thread does not break and in case of accidental breakage there is no tear in the fabric. The unique fabric used in each of their pieces is called "labrado". Once finished the weaving fabrics, they are sent to the "Tórculo", a huge press with wooden rollers lined in leather, which iron them to make them more docile and malleable. It is one of the last two “tórculos” that currently survive in their country, with an age of almost 100 years, and that was created for the purpose of ironing rebozos.


Each NC collection takes careful preparation, as well as, a lengthy creative process, beginning two or three months in advance, before its launch. The concepts that inspire their collections lie in two categories: they look for something very distinguishable or a beloved characteristic of Mexico and themes that are universal in nature. They tend to alternate between each different concept for each new collection they launch.

The magic of a continues into the workshop where winding, warping, and peeling occur on the wheels. The loom that will give life to each work of art followed by the ironing press (tórculo), to leave the fabric beautifully soft and malleable.


Nahui Coconi has 5 types of fabric weaves Honeycomb, Chain Tie, Comb, Traditional Cocol, and Army of Flies. For the Signature collection, Baby Tula has chosen woven wraps from their Odyssey Collection. This is one of the NC owners' favorite woven designs because of its' vibrant colors. This collection uses the Chain Tie and Traditional Cocol weaves. This material will definitely create Signature carriers that you'll love to snuggle baby in. 


Find Nahui Coconi's full offerings on their website: including their online store, valuable blog content, and general recommendations for babywearing, breastfeeding, and motherhood. You can also find them on Facebook.

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